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Wrigleys Colbat Gum Review

After seeing a very high tech advert for Wrigley’s now “5” sugar free gum I had to pick up a pack when I spotted them on the counter at my local petrol station.

The advert was one of those typically (dare I say) “male” orientated types. Lots of high tech gadgets and the impression that of course, their product will make you a manly man who is cool and modern….yeah sure, it’s a chewing gum remember…its not something that will make you attractive and cool (unlike all of Gillette’s range!)

Wrigley’s “5” gum comes in various different flavours including: Rain, Flare, Cobalt and 2 new flavours Zing and Solstice. Now I’m afraid I have no idea what that actually means, except that the “Flare” one is a tropical flavour and “Cobalt” is a cool peppermint. Cobalt is the one I brought.

It cost 99p for the 12 sticks that come in the fancy little box. Rather steep for a chewing gum, compared to most packs that are around 20p.

It comes in a fancy little box as I mentioned with a simplistic yet slightly futurist design. No doubt to add to the appeal to those men who are impressed by such things. (If it added the words “Turbo” or “Fusion” then it would obviously be even cooler) The flat pack is easy to open and each individual stick is wrapped in a nice shiny foil like most stick chewing gum. However, unlike the usual silver, the different “flavours” are all colour coded and in “Cobalt’s” case, it’s a lovely metallic blue.

So its got fancy advertising, fancy packaging and fancy marketing implying that this is a whole new “Groundbreaking sensory experience” (according to the website) but is it worth it and does it live up to the hype?….

…Well no, obviously not, it’s a chewing gum. It’s hardly going to do much different. It is however quite impressive as just a chewing gum, its very strongly flavoured and you can smell the strong peppermint flavour as you open the pack without even removing the foil. It has a usual colour and texture and is tasty. The initial taste is strong but not too overpowering. It has a good chewing time and will keep its flavour for about an hour. I’m not a fan of chewing on flavourless chewing gum and this brand does excel here in comparison to my usual “Wrigley’s Extra” It stays fresh for a good while and the flavour is still detectable.

I enjoy this chewing gum, the fact it is sugar free is a bonus, as I only tend to go for sugar free gum. It is easy to store and carry around in its little flat pack and it does have a perfectly pleasant flavour that lasts a good while.

I wouldn’t say it is worth the extra money and I wouldn’t recommend buying it over any other chewing gum. For the extra time you get flavour for, you might as well just use two of a normal chewing gum, it will still work out cheaper.

So unless you are sucked in by the advertising or you are a bit of a chewing gum snob, I’d say avoid.