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Wonkas Kazoozles Chewy Candy

Wonka has done it again! The new Wonka candy is called Kazoozles and I confess to purchasing this new treat because the name made me smile. Kazoozles, according to the packaging is a Delickoricious chewy candy. The Kazoozles are two pink lemonade flavored chewy ropes with cherry-flavored filling.

If you peel back the bright pink foil packaging, inside you will find two lemon yellow ropes about three inches long (about 7.6 centimeters). There is a subtle lemon scent and each rope is dusted with sugar crystals giving it a magical look. The Kazoozle is not pliable enough to pull a bite-size piece off to eat. You must bite into the Kazoozle.

The sugared outside of the Kazoozle is a bit grainy but a sweet introduction to the tart lemon flavor of the outer candy. The lemon rope is thicker than licorice and denser than a gummi candy. The inside of the rope is filled with a creamy cherry filling. The combination of textures and flavors are a bit odd but it works together to form a unique candy treat.

Wonka’s Kazoozles are different from other gummi or chewy candies currently on the market as they are thicker and contain stronger flavors. There is no doubt the main flavor of the Kazoozles is lemon, although the packaging describes it as pink lemonade. The candy is virtually mess-free, with only a small residual sugar lingering on fingertips, easily licked off, after finishing one chewy rope.

Because a package of Kazoozles contains two chewy candy ropes, they are a great treat to share with a friend or to indulge when you really need a sugary snack. Kazoozles can be a real sugar rush. Each package, that includes two candy ropes, is considered one serving. One Kazoozles serving has 180 calories and only one gram of fat but 29 grams of sugar. Of course, if you are going to indulge in a Wonka sweet treat, are you really counting grams of sugar?

Kazoozles are artificially flavored and are processed in a facility that also processes egg, so consumers with allergies should be aware. This product is distributed by the Nestle USA, Inc.

What I loved about Kazoozles was not so much their taste but their fun-factor. The name is fun. The bright pink packaging is fun and appealing. I loved the whimsical lettering of the name Kazoozles. I found this package at a gas station in central Illinois on a dreary, cloud-filled day. It caught my eye, and before I knew it, I had purchased the cheerful little snack. The Kazoozles with their tangy lemon flavor, pretty packaging and whimsical named drew me in and brought a little sunshine into a bleak day. Isn’t that what a treat is supposed to do? They were worth the $1 or so I paid for them.

Wonka candy has long been associated with whimsy, fun and unique candies. Their new Kazoozles continue the Wonka tradition. Wonka’s Kazoozles are a tasty candy that successfully merges sweet with tangy in a good-sized chewy rope. If you need a sweet pick-me-up anytime, Kazoozles are recommended.