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Wine Wine Bargains Wines under 15

If you concur with Louis Pasteur that “A day without wine is like a day without sunshine”; or simply agree with me that food and wine are meant to go together, you’ll want to find some wines you can enjoy in these times of rising gas and food prices. So I’ve rounded up a batch of wines that I’ve tried recently that won’t break the bank – they are all $13 or less, most around $10. And if you buy by the case, as I recommend, you’ll save 10% or 15% at most shops.

Here I’m featuring white wines that make for pleasant summer sipping and pair well with lighter summer fare. At $10/bottle, I’m content to find something that is merely drinkable, but the ones below meet a higher standard – I liked them well enough to go buy another bottle!

2005 White Truck California Chardonnay ($10) This blend of grapes from across California makes for a light, fresh chardonnay that is more restrained than some of its overly buttery counter parts. A pleasant wine, and a nice match for pasta with light sauces or seafood. Cline produces higher-end wines as well as the companion to this one, “Red Truck”.

2007 Marques de Caceres White Rioja ($10) Crisp, clean taste with a hint of lemon. A nice match for seafood such as the scallops I made with arugala cream sauce. While I think of reds associated with Rioja, this one made from the Viura grape suggests whites from the region can be a good find too!

2006 Verget du Sud Vin de Pays de Vaucluse ($10), a blend of Marsanne and Rousanne from Provence. This wine features a citrusy bouquet and a blend of tastes – a bit of lemon and a touch of honey in the background. Also has a slight mineral undertone to provide some structure. A nuanced and enjoyable wine for this price point. And it paired well with my Perfectly Grilled Salmon with Lemon Chive Butter.

2007 Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc ($9) crisp clean taste that goes well with food that has a bit of spice. From South Africa.

2006 Terre di Ricaldone-Piemonte Cortese ($12) A good reminder there’s a lot more to Italian whites than pinot grigio! Cortese is a white grape native to the Piedmont region. This is an interesting, food friendly wine from the Piedmont region. Light hibiscus nose, taste of lemon and a bit of grassiness. Fresh tasting and a good match for pesto lasagne (I can vouch for that!).

2007 Hugo Gruner Veltliner ($10) I’ve become a fan of this Austrian white grape, especially in the summer. This one has a fresh taste and hint of effervescence, served as a nice match for our light pasta dish and is also pleasant for sipping by itself.

2006 Ermita de Nieve Verdejo ($10) A crisp, clean taste with a hint of citrus. A Spanish wine, 100% verdejo grapes. One of the best buys of the bunch here, it was paired well with this wonderful scallops with arugala mint cream recipe I found.

2006 Santa Barbara Four Vines “Naked Chardonnay” ($12). It’s OK sipping alone, but especially good when paired with seafood – had it with scallops and forest mushrooms for instance.

2007 Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc ($13) This Californian Sauvignon Blanc was apparently the hit of the Nantucket Wine Festival, and it certainly is a good wine for the price. Fresh bouquet, taste of citrus and a touch of honey. I might not have picked it as Sauvignon Blanc in a blind taste.

I hope you are able to round up a few of these and enjoy!