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Why whole Wheat Pasta is better for you – Whole Wheat

I’ve been told that whole wheat pasta is better for you. It appears its main saving grace is that it contains unprocessed wheat so it keeps all the good stuff in our food.

100 % Whole wheat anything has not been over processed and still maintains its natural form. Since that is the case, it is better for you. Anytime you can choose between a natural, unprocessed food and one that has been messed around with, the natural food comes out on top since it is healthier.

Whole wheat or 100% whole wheat pasta to be exact is much healthier than white or wheat pasta that is not 100% whole wheat. Many wheat products are not what you think they are since you are really getting a mixture of wheat and white which is not as good for you. With 100% whole wheat you are getting all the edible parts of the wheat berry. With white pasta, the flour is the milled stuff which strips all the nutrition away. When white flour is milled, it removes most or all of the wheat germ and the bran. Whole wheat is basically the whole kernel of wheat before it has been stripped of its outer kernel. The wheat berry contains an endosperm, an embryo, and an outer bran layer.

The advantages of white pasta are the same as the advantages of white bread. It has a longer shelf life, it leavens better, and it is easier to digest. Most of these advantages do not really help you with your health. We actually need to have digestion be harder since our system was designed for whole grains. White flour has a softer texture which makes it more popular these days, but has no health advantage over 100 % whole wheat pasta.

Wheat flour which is used to make wheat pasta is more nutritious. It contains all the stuff that refined flour has had removed. It still has B, vitamins, and vitamin E. It also contains trace minerals and antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals occur naturally in plants and have functional health benefits. Fiber is better in whole wheat products and so it helps with heart health. Whole wheat actually fights against a variety diseases.

Diabetics are supposed to eat just whole wheat bread and pasta. The main reason is that it has more fiber. Diabetics need to watch sugar and that also means starchy foods. Most of us know these as carbohydrates. The Glycemic index is a way to monitor how the carbohydrate food is prioritized because of sugar, but also in relation to fiber. Fiber makes sugar levels go down since the food is used differently and diabetes is all about the use of insulin and how sugary and starchy foods affect it.

For the best nutrition, you should choose 100% whole wheat pasta. It also has a better flavor and more texture. When changing over to whole wheat products do so gradually since your body needs time to get used to the extra fiber.