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Why we Give out Candy on Halloween

People of former ages had their own reasons for giving out candy on Halloween. Who cares? That was then. This is now. Today we have different reasons.

Beginning in September, grocery stores and pharmacies start displaying Halloween decorations and vast aisles of humongous bags of Halloween goodies. I suspect that many of us purchase candy at that time telling ourselves that we are just trying to be prepared and ahead of the game. Between this time and Halloween, however, we succumb to temptation and eat the candy ourselves. Therefore, we must make another “necessary” trip to the store to purchase more candy for the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween rolls around and we observe various Halloween decorations being put out on our neighbors’ doorsteps. We conclude by this observation that they will be welcoming trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. We must, in response to this, put out our own decorations so as to conform and not be outdone. Do we want to be considered ogres and people who try to spoil the fun? No. This also prompts us to buy more candy.

It’s just about the only time of the year that the wife allows any candy in the house. She is usually counting her carbs along with everyone else’s.

We chat with out neighbors while raking the yard or bringing groceries in from the store. Someone says they think there will be a lot of trick-or-treaters this year, even more than last year. Alarmed because we have nothing but fruit and veggies in the house, we run out and by the necessary treats. Whew! Now we are prepared for anything. In fact, we bought more than enough. We wouldn’t want to be caught empty handed.

Some of us have, in our dark pasts, TP’d homes of those who didn’t have goodies on trick-or-treat night. Fearing retribution for this terrible offense, we are motivated to offer candy even though we might hate having to answer the door.

Some of us like to scare the little dickens when they come to the door. The candy is the lure and they are met by a scary zombie or wicked witch.

Our kids are going trick-or-treating. It’s only fair that we also give out treats. And why should our kids be the only ones bouncing off the walls after sugar rush?

We love to see the costumes the kids are sporting these days. Candy is our payment for the entertainment and creativity the kids provide. The sight of all these cuties reminds us of our childhoods.

We have nothing better to do. We aren’t going out and showing off our own costumes because we are losers with no friends.

If we don’t give out candy, the next day the neighbor kid will give us the evil eye and say, “Why didn’t you hand out candy. I know you were home. I saw your car in the driveway.”

We found a coupon for Halloween candy in the Sunday paper and thought “what the heck”.

It’s tradition, like serving turkey on Thanksgiving. Traditions and rituals of life give us a feeling of comfort in some way.

We’re getting old. Our kids are all grown up and out of the house. We rarely see our grandchildren. And, frankly, seeing kids just makes us feel a little younger and more light hearted, that there is more to life than war, taxes, and the state of the economy.

If there is any left over, guess who gets to munch on some Snickers bars and Milky Ways!