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Why the Restaurant Industry needs Web Based Marketing and Ordering Systems

Why does restaurant industry need web-based marketing and ordering systems? I believe that it is because the current generation of people and technology have become so integrated into computers and the Internet that nearly every household has a computer and the Internet. Everything we do is beginning to revolve around the web. Mail is on its way to becoming purely e-mail. Movie and video-game renting can be done on-line and you have your movie sent to you within a week. Let’s face it, the average person spends a least 5 hours a week browsing the web, checking their e-mail, buying stuff of websites, playing games, and so much more. So why should the restaurant industry stay out of the loop?

The people of today would love nothing more then to go to a website, click on what they want, and have it delivered or ready for them at the restaurant. It is a convenience that is vital in today’s fast paced, constantly on the go life. Many people just don’t have the time to go out to eat with the family, or fit a decent meal in during the break one gets at work. Many people just rely on fast-food places to satisfy their hunger, but as we all know that’s extremely bad for your body. But, now, if someone could type in a order at work really quick to a decent restaurant, they could pick it up and have the time they need to eat. Companies like Pizza Hut, have already begun to do this. You just go to their website, enter what you want, give your name, address, and phone number, and in about 30 minutes your food is at your front door. The industry’s economy would greatly benefit from online ordering to a great degree because of how big a convenience it is to the present day world. Not only would having an ordering system be great, but advertising would help tremendously also.

While we spend time on-line, we see tons of advertisements for useless contests, credit cards, dating services and all kinds of things. We always see commercials on tv that deal with all kinds of food places. Every time a restaurant comes out with something new we hear about it on a commercial during our favorite shows. As restaurants target audiences through channels and certain times of the day, they could be doing to same on websites. When you log onto your e-mail and see an ad for a new kind of steak at a local restaurant, you might consider going out to eat there sometime soon to try it out. When looking for a hotel to go to on a vacation, or just a motel to stop at on a road trip, people probably wonder what kind of food is around that they can eat upon arrival. An example would be planning to go on a family vacation and the websites for the hotels all had ads on them for local restaurants. They see the name of a steakhouse or two that catches their eyes and just like that, it makes it on the agenda for the vacation. The family is happy because they already know where they will eat, and the restaurant is happy because they get the business. It is like a marketing ace because it is guaranteed to work.

Bottom line is, a lot of people use the Internet, and a lot people like getting food from restaurants. It is common sense that putting the two together would send restaurant profits no where but up. People could order delivery while checking their e-mail, and not miss a beat with anything they are doing. One could get things done more efficiently if ordering food or finding somewhere to eat could be done through the web. It saves time and stress, not to mention that people could eat good whenever, where ever, how ever and whatever they want. So I guess the real question is why doesn’t the restaurant industry already have web-based marketing and ordering systems?