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Why Printed Recipe Books will never be Superceded by e Cookery Books

Printed recipe books have been with us for generations. Many households contain several of these books which belonged to a grandparent or even great-grandparent and are still used with almost the same regularity today as they were in those long gone days. In modern times, however, of Internet and the Worldwide Web, it may at first appear that there is a danger these printed recipe books will be superceded by e-cookery books and that the value they hold today to so many will be deprived to future generations.

Fortunately, there are some very good reasons as to why printed recipe books will never be superceded by e-cookery books. The first of these reasons is simple practicality. A cookbook is far smaller than a computer and far more adaptable. We can read a favourite cookery book in bed at night, for example, seeking inspiration for dinners on nights to come. We can have a printed recipe book beside us in the kitchen as we are cooking, ready to be referred to as required. While, of course, in theory we may do likewise with such as a laptop computer, issues such as spillages and the potential damage they could cause come in to play as well as factors such as the additional space they will take up.

Convenience also favours the printed recipe book over e-cookery books every time. Imagine for a second that we require to check detils of a recipe in a great hurry. We may be in the middle of a telephone call where we have been discussing same or in the midst of cooking a meal when we have taken a mental block regarding ingredients. Rushing to the shelf where we keep our pinted recipe books is far quicker and easier than powering up the computer, logging in, then subsequently opening our e-cookery book.

Nostalgia is a word which is perhaps used less often in modern times than ever before but it is something which still plays a big part in society. Many printed cookbooks or recipe books hold memories for their owners, perhaps most particulalry in terms of the grandparent or great-grandparent mentioned above. It may even be that the book reminds the owner of their youth and contains recipes which they associate with having made at the time of a very special event or occasion in their lives. Remembering the date of download of an e-cookery book cannot quite compare in this respect.

It can hopefully therefore be seen that although technology threatens a great many items and traditions that we associate with simpler times, printed recipe books are unlikely ever to be superceded by e-cookery books.