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Why Home Made Soup is better than Store Bought Soup

Home made soup is easy to make, even if your knowledge of cooking is basic. It’s also an economical meal choice. Okay, we can go to the supermarket and buy a can, carton or packet of ready made soup, but home made soup is so much better, and here’s why.

No additives

Home made soup is made from natural ingredients. Store bought soup has to be preserved in cans, cartons or packets, and this means chemicals and other additives such as flavour enhancers and colourings are being served up with your soup. With home made soup, what you see is what you get. There are no artificial ingredients – just good wholesome food.

You know exactly what’s in it

Manufacturers are obliged to list the main ingredients in their products, in order of quantity. However, if there’s only a tiny amount of something, it doesn’t have to be listed. Problem is, if you or a family member are allergic to that ingredient, a tiny amount may be all that’s needed to trigger a reaction. When you make soup yourself, you’re in control of what goes into it – and what’s left out.

It’s healthier

Store bought soup may contain extra salt and fats to improve the flavour and help to preserve the soup. Some soups may even contain sugar as a flavour enhancer. When you make your own soup, you can choose your own flavourings, and keep the fat content down. And home made soup is made with fresh vegetables and eaten soon after making, so vitamin and nutrient content are at their highest. When you buy a can of soup, you don’t know how long it’s sat on the shelf – nutritional value could suffer due to extended storage time.

It’s tastier

When you make soup yourself, you can tailor the ingredients and flavourings to suit your family’s likes and dislikes. You’ll never produce a soup they don’t enjoy, because you’re an expert on their eating preferences.

It’s cheaper

Home made soup can be made for pennies, and it can be prepared in bulk and frozen for future use. The flavours actually improve with keeping, as they blend together with storage. You can make a huge pan of soup for the cost of a small tin or carton of store bought soup.

Once you’ve made your own soup, you’ll never be happy to serve store bought soup again. And the smell of the soup as it’s cooking is to die for. Get out that pan and make a big pot of soup soon – your family will love you for it!