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Why Cell Phones in Restaurants are Annoying – Yes

Wednesday evening, my family and I were getting hungry. We decided to head out to one of the Chinese Restaurants. It was not busy, and rather quiet so we planned to have a nice quiet meal out. Usually that is the case though, right? You go out to dinner, and try to enjoy a nice quiet meal in a small restaurant. My family and I placed our orders with the wait staff. We got our food, headed back to our table and started to enjoy our food.

That is when it happened. A phone made that annoying beep, indicating that someone’s phone was being paged walkie talkie style. The owner of the phone must have been hard of hearing because the beep was so loud it could have, possibly, been heard outside. The guy pushed his talk button, or however those things work, and said “hello?” Now, the next move that should have been made, was him getting up and going outside to take the call, right? Wrong. He let the beep be heard again, and this time followed by another man’s voice on the other end. Again, you would think he would have gotten up and went out of the building. Wrong again! He continued his conversation, beeps and man yelling on the other end for ten minutes whether anyone else wanted to hear it or not. I politely asked the staff to tell this rude man that he needed to take it elsewhere or I was going to help him take it elsewhere.

It is not just the annoying Nextel phones that get on my nerves. It is anyone yapping away at their phones during a time that all interruptions need to be put aside. It has always been that way, since the beginning of time. At dinner time, we all sit down as a family to quietly and respectively eat our food and, perhaps, discuss our days activities. We were taught as children that when you are at the dinner table, all distractions are to be left behind, phone, tv, games, etc. Well, most of us were taught that, anyway. Do not get me started on those silly bluetooth sets that people wear, and they walk around looking like they are talking to themselves all the time. I realize that cell phones are an obviously needed technology now-a-days, but think of it as smoking. Most people do not care if you do it, as it is your health, but do it with respect.

If a phone call is so important at dinner time that you have to talk or even take the call, please, get up and remove yourself from being a distraction to others, and if it is an emergency, I would hope that you are not still sitting there yapping away.

Besides, do you think the person on the other end wants to hear you eat?