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Who Sells the best Fast Food

In my opinion all Fast Food restaurants have their specialties. Personally I love Taco Bell, but if you don’t favor a Mexican menu you might not enjoy it. Lets break down each fast food restaurant specifically.

McDonald’s – They try, they really do. They attempt to promote healthy foods by offering salads and other healthy alternatives. Their food is very good but not the healthiest choice. They import their beef and have items like the Big Mac and the double cheese burger that are loaded with so much fat. They offer a great variety of tasty foods and is probably the best choice for kids. One advantage of McDonald’s is they are the kid-friendliest, offering a play-place and happy meal as well as a toy.

Burger King – The main competition with McDonald’s. BK is probably the more adult-themed fast food of the two, but does not offer any more healthy alternatives to a fattening whopper. One advantage I believe makes Burger King better than McDonald’s is the fact that they grill their burgers (its better than dipping it in a bucket of frying oil). I would classify Burger King towards the bottom of fast foods as well.

Arby’s – Arby’s serves great roast beef sandwiches (what other fast food place does that) Although very high in trans fat, they are so tasty. Arby’s is another very unhealthy place because they entice you with the jumbo roast beef, curly fries, and of course the famous jamoca shake. Arby’s would be more of a treat for a special occasion rather than a meal. Another disadvantage of Arby’s is the high prices.

Wendy’s – Wendy’s has got it all (not really but it seems that way). What I love most about this place is that they offer Chili, I can’t think of any other fast food place that does that. They have great chicken sandwiches (grilled or spicy), and have created their famous square patties of hamburger. They offer great sides such as salads and the rare baked potato. Wendy’s offers a great variety of food you usually can’t get at a fast food restaurant, making Wendy’s in my top two.

Taco Bell – I’m saving the best for last. Taco Bell is an American-Mexican Restaurant That offers great food at a low price. You can fill yourself up for less than $4. They offer a large variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and many more specialty items. They have 3 different hot sauces ranging from mild to fire. My personal favorite item is the chicken quesadilla (the sauce they use is awesome). They also have Mexican pizzas, chalupas, and their own kind of Mountain Dew available only at Taco Bell (Baja mountain blast). If you want tasty food at a low price Taco Bell is your place.