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Which is better Plain or Peanut Mms – Peanut

Which is better, plain M&Ms or peanut? I love the peanut M&Ms because I like the mixture of the peanuts and chocolate together. I also like the larger M&Ms versus the smaller version. I love to get a good handful of M&Ms and listen as each one crunches under the mighty grip of my teeth. Each snap and crunch gives me a total sense of shear happiness and a satisfying quench to my taste buds. I simply love them! Peanut M&Ms are addictive and the more I eat the more I want.

I also like to go through and pick out each color M&M to see if I can tell any difference in the type of peanuts they used when making them. Sometimes, I feel sort of a silly sensation as I’m enjoying my tasty M&Ms and I wonder if this is this how an addict feels?

I cannot walk past a candy aisle without picking up a bag or maybe even two. I’ll say, “I’m not going to buy any M&Ms today because they are adding inches to my waist. I’ve actually walked throughout the store but end up coming back to pick up a bag and most of the time two. I’ll take them home and sit in my comfortable chair to watch television and I will eat the whole bag, and honestly, I could eat the other bag if I wasn’t ashamed to.

Oft times, my husband will ask, “Honey, where’s that bag of M&Ms I saw on the counter aW few minutes ago? I think I’ll eat me some,” and to his surprise, I’ll respond, “Sorry, I’ve already eaten all of them.” He looks at me like I’m out of my mind, and says, “You ate the whole bag?”

It’s asham that an adult person cannot control the love they have for certain foods and I do believe this is the root of many of our weight problems. I love sweets and if there are nuts mixed with the sweeter I love it even more.

I can understand why children love M&Ms so much…they become a great taste bud satisfier. My suggestion to parents would be don’t subject your young children to M&Ms because they will definitely become addicted to them.

When I see children with a handful of M&Ms in their mouths and their hands covered with chocolate, I look at them and think, “Goodness knows you are hooked just like I am.” I’ll bet those children will be just like me and enjoy their M&Ms for the rest of their lives.

I just remembered I bought a couple bags of M&Ms today…I’m going home and get me a glass of milk and a bag of the M&Ms and have myself a big party in front of the television, and yes, I bought an extra bag for my husband, and I hid another bag for me to have tomorrow night.