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Which is better Plain Mms or Peanut – Peanut

Imagine this scenario.

You are sitting on the porch with the warm sun dawning down on you and the entire world around you is buzzing with activity. It is not to hot nor too cold. It is just perfect. While watching the flowers alive with humming birds feeding voraciously from the colored centers the crickets are singing that lulling summer sound which puts your mind at complete ease. You avert your gaze to the road and watch the drivers in their vehicles and noticed that they are very colorful. This reminds you of that bag of M&Ms; you bought a week ago.

The M&Ms; are right beside you in a little bowl and you begin to pick at them, the blue ones first and the red ones last. The very first blue M&M; escapes from your finger into your mouth and with a crunch, you feel the very satisfying taste of peanuts and chocolates crumbling. You know that chocolate does not really feel quite as well hard inside of M&Ms; plain so you prefer the peanuts. That wonderful crunch and combination of flavors truly helps you kick that hunger craving for the time being.

It is a very time consuming process for you, however. You like to crack the colored shell and peel the outer layer away from the chocolaty heaven inside before anything. After that is complete you lick at the chocolate as it slowly melts away dissolving to the very last sugary drop on the peanut. Once the chocolate is gone you split the nut with your teeth and begin to eat the first half of the peanut. After that you finally eat the remaining half. When this process is complete you pick up another and pop it in your mouth, ready to complete the same process.

You sigh and close your eyes as the flavor seems to burst in your mouth. Despite your act of savoring the taste you know there is someone behind you just hoping they can get their hands in the candy bowl to get a taste of that very same heaven. While you crunch away a hand reaches out cautiously but like a sixth sense you know what is happening. Like a bolt of lightening your hand whips out and smacks the other hand away. No one was going to take any of those precious peanut M&Ms; on your watch.

You continue to enjoy those M&Ms; while the person behind you is completely missing out on this unadulterated joy that you are experiencing. It is very satisfying that you are the only one enjoying every bit of it.

So, Which is better now?