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Where to Eat when you cannot Decide

In South Mississippi or South Alabama eating at a Ruby Tuesdays helps you decide what you want when you cannot decide what food you are in the mood for. Their menus have greatly improved along with their decor giving more choices in each category. Plus you can find all sorts of coupons in newspapers or online.

Read your receipt and it may give a number or web site to go to for coupons. Sometimes you have to take a short survey to get these coupons, but it is worth it. They also have sampler plates with something on them to help you satisfy your hunger and/or taste the varieties on the menu.

If Ruby Tuesday is not for you then try a buffet that offers all sorts of entrees and vegetables. Sometimes I do not know what I want to eat or I am in a rush, I get a McDonald’s or Wendy’s cheeseburger to tide me over til I can decide. This decision usually comes after shopping.

A breakfast restaurant like Waffle House is always good. Breakfast any time of day or night is very tasty and inexpensive. It is also casual and quick.

Most often I am in the mood for seafood and South MS or So. AL have great seafood restaurants. If you want something light and not a full seafood meal, try the South’s poor boys. They are delicious and filling!

You can get oyster poor boys or shrimp poor boys. The seafood is fried then put on a bun with lettuce and mayo or tarter sauce and maybe a tomatoe. I only like soft buns though so I usually ask if theirs is soft. You can order cole slaw or salad to go with it or a soup if you choose.

Usually in our restaurants the appetizer is enough for anyone. In fact when you don’t know what you want, try a sampler plate in any of your better restaurants. This will satisfy most any hunger.

Ruby Tuesdays have great appetizers and sampler plates. Wendy’s have great variety on their menu. Stuffed baked potatoe or chili with cheese, various drinks.

Check it out. In South MS along the water ways most restaurants have sampler plates. Of course when you dine with someone you can share these plates or order individually and exchange samples. A lot of times my friend and I will order different entrees then exchange items to see if that satisfies our hungers. Plus it is great fun!

Make certain that when you go to a finer restaurant you ask for the special for the night if it is not posted or you do not see it. The special usually helps us decide what we would like. Always ask questions of your waiter and see if they can suggest something they really like from the menu.