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Where Eggs are King

If you happen to be staying at one of the small hotels in Quebec that doesn’t have their own restaurant, you will be on the lookout for a place to enjoy the first meal of the day. One such hotel is the lovely Chateau Bellevue. We usually don’t have this issue so we resorted to asking the desk staff for help. They were happy to suggest a few places. L’omelette is just around the corner from the hotel and what the heck, when you are a person who likes eggs you have to go for a restaurant with a name like L’Omelette.

The menu is made up of a good mixture of breakfast choices. We chose a #2, which included juice, eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, potatoes, toast and coffee. They offer a one and a two egg option.

The restaurant is located in one of the beautiful stone houses on the Rue St. Louis. We weren’t lucky enough to get one of the window seats; we had a small table right next to the cash register, not ideal by any means. The waitresses are in typical French costumes with green dress and white aprons. They were all very busy running around, but somehow it took way too long for us to get our first cup of coffee, and then only I got one, not my husband. I thought at first it might have been a language glitch but no, the pot was empty and they would be back as soon as more coffee was made. Our son and his wife don’t drink coffee and we were pleased to see that they got a large glass of orange juice instead.

Now if I had to judge this restaurant on service and atmosphere, I would find it a bit lacking. However, the food was the saving grace. I know, how wonderful can a scrambled egg be? But it’s amazing how delicious the simple egg can be when it is perfectly cooked in butter with some really good toast. You don’t get any choice of toast, but who cares; the ones they give you are perfect.

The tables are plain wood, but the atmosphere is lightened by the beautiful flower boxes in the open windows. We were here on the 4th of July weekend and the restaurant was very busy even early in the morning. You probably don’t need a reservation if you do not mind waiting a little, but the food is certainly worth it.