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What’s Cooking on the Barbecue Grill

Ooh! Barbecue yummy! I tried all kinds of food! Have you tried pork belly on the grill? Well one thing i like is pork belly with skins and fats on the grill. I don’t like dry pork. Little juicy yup. That’s one thing I missed back home in the Philippines. I eat this with white rice and side of chopped tomatoes with vinegar and soy sauce, aah that’s what I call yummy for my tummy. I always buy pork belly in the Asian/Oriental stores I don’t see this pig parts in the regular groceries. Most of the pork here don’t have much fats and skins on. So anyway here are the steps recipe pork belly on the grill.
* A Ziploc bag large size
* 2 cloves of garlic smashed or you can use the minced in the bottle.
* Kalamansi/calamansi fresh or juice about 2 tbsps. In English they call it miniature orange, citrus mitis. Or just use lemon instead if you can’t find any. Just use 2 or 3 of these citrus mitis. Its really sour.
* Soy sauce about 1-2 tbsps. I use kikoman soy sauce or silver swan brand, if not just use the other brand.
* Pork belly, slice into horizontal or vertical way about 1/2 inches or depends how thick it you want it to be. Just like bacon slices but its much thicker.

(If you use 2 tbsps of kalamansi juice use 1 tbsp of soy sauce. Need to balance the taste. Don’t want it to salty or to sourly).

* Black pepper
* White rice
* tomatoes 1 – 2 chopped or minced
* white vinegar and soy sauce

Mix garlic, kalamansi juice, soy sauce and black pepper on a bowl. Place pork belly in the Ziploc bag, pour the kalamansi mixture all over the pork belly. Put in refrigerator let marinate for i like it over night or just 3 hours. Let the mixture blend in together.
Then next day when its ready to grill just place on top of the grill. Use the marinate mix to brush on the pork belly to enhance flavor on both sides. Grills about 10 minutes on one side just flip it over and brush again. Takes 15 minutes to cook or until the pork is tender.
Chopped or mince tomatoes put on a bowl, pour in white vinegar, soy sauce, pepper. If you like spicy just add hot sauce. Serve the barbecued pork belly over the rice.

You can eat this dish anytime. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I’m hungry again! Hope you’ll enjoy this dish. Yummy! There are many dishes you can try on the grill. Have you tried grilled squid or grilled calamari? That is good too. Maybe next time I’m out space or words.