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What would you Improve about Fast Food Menu Service Packaging anything

If I could improve the fast food industry I would improve the customer service. It seems sad to me that I am paying for this service, but many times you are treated quite horribly.

Too often I walk into a fast food restaurant and am made to feel as if I’m interrupting the employee’s day. I give my order to someone who is talking on their cellphone, and then I’m told to wait while they finish their conversation. Or the employees all feel as if their job is to hold up the counter, and they practically draw straws to see which one is unfortunate enough to have to take your order.

Recently I was told a story of a fast food employee who was actually kind to the customer. The customer was so shocked by this that she had to tell everyone she knew. This made me quite sad. Situations like this should not stick out in our minds. Situations like this should be the norm, and bad service is what should stick out in our minds. Instead we have it backwards. Bad service is ignored, and good service, however mediocre, is saluted.

One fast food restaurant that I visited had a bell by the door for the customers to ring if they received excellent customer service. I commented to my husband why they felt we needed to make a big deal out of good service. We are the paying customer. Good service should be expected if they want us to return and do business with them again. I don’t see the need to make a fuss over receiving excellent service, I feel it is required.

Should I make a fuss over receiving bad service? Yes, I should, unfortunately these restaurants don’t make that easy. The managers on duty usually care little about what’s going on in their store. The last time I complained about bad service in a fast food restaurant, the manager only smirked at me and said unbelievingly “I’ll look into it”. I took that as a sign he was only trying to say what he thought I wanted to hear, and then ignore my complaint the moment I left the establishment. The absolute best you can hope for is that they’ll give you their corporate phone number so that you may sit on the phone with an automated machine, only to receive a coupon for your next meal through that restaurant.

I’d like to return to the days of “Service with a smile” and “The customer is always right”. I’d like every employee to remember that it is us, the customers, who are paying their salary. I’d like the employees to care about their job, not just the paycheck they receive from it.

Unfortunately, that may never happen.