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We all Scream for Ice Cream

Never have I ever really had a sweet tooth, or crazy ice cream cravings. Until recently, that is. Naturally, I enjoy ice cream, and have since I was a child, but it’s never been something that makes me weak in the knees or makes me rave to friends and family about a particular flavor that they just have to try. Trips to any ice cream parlor have been few and far between for me, and even when I do visit them I am quite bland in my choice of treat. Additionally, I don’t exactly love cones either, so when I do eat ice cream, it is sans the cone, or with a sugar cone instead. But I digress, I actually have been enjoying ice cream more lately than I ever have. Much to my chagrin, that is. Ice cream isn’t exactly the most slimming of snacks, now is it?

I discovered my favorite ice cream flavor much by accident. I have been on a cold coffee kick for about two years now. The words ‘Starbucks’, and ‘Arabica’ hold me captive with the promise of rich, creamy coffee flavors that make me close my eyes in bliss with each sip. I love them! Imagine my excitement when I came across ‘Starbucks’ brand ice cream. It’s called ‘Caramel Cappuccino Swirl’, and it is the most luxurious, decadent, delicious ice cream that has ever been made.

For months I was so taken with it that I would eat it right out of the carton several times a day, and couldn’t escape the grocery store without ensuring that I had enough to least until my very next trip there. It is made with real brewed coffee and combined with vanilla bean ice cream, laced with ribbons of caramel. It is like eating an iced caramel machiato from the quaint little ‘Starbucks’ store, yet being able to do it anytime in your very own home. It is actually so delicious that any other coffee flavored ice creams just can not compare to it.

It needs no cone, heck, it doesn’t even need a bowl! The only drawback to this ice cream is the steep price because of its nametag. Of course, there is a low fat version of it, but that one is not nearly as tasty, wouldn’t you know it? This flavor of ice cream has spoiled any other flavor for me. No matter where I go that offers ice cream, I am forced to think that the ice cream that I have at home is far better than any other offering. But it also keeps me from buying dessert anytime that I eat out.

I do have other flavors that I enjoy, like cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, strawberry and chocolate chip cookie dough. But nothing compares to my luscious ‘Starbucks Caramel Cappuccino Swirl’. It keeps me away from the expensive coffee shops, and serves as a tasty little snack anytime that I choose.