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Ways to reheat coffee

Coffee drinking is serious business for some aficionados. These people take extra care to create the best coffee possible. They only choose the best coffee beans/grounds and make their favorite brew with bottled water. Even the brew methods vary from person to person. Some prefer slow brew and some instant.

No matter how you make your cup of Joe, one problem can occur. The coffee will eventually become too cold to drink. Then comes the dilemma of what to do with the cold coffee. You can pour it out, use it to make a cold beverage or you can reheat it.

There are a couple of methods that are acceptable for reheating coffee. Both of these methods have been used with great success by coffee lovers for many years. The key to both is timing.


This method of reheating coffee requires a microwave safe mug and is not time consuming at all. Simply place the mug of cold coffee in and heat for at least thirty seconds. This method is quick and painless. Some people feel that microwaved coffee tastes awful, but this is something you will have to decide for yourself.

A word of caution, if you use milk or cream in your coffee then you may not want to “nuke” it. Milk and cream do not fair very well in the taste department when microwaved. In this case, it is best to start with a fresh cup of coffee.


It is a little more involved than microwaving, but reheating coffee on the stove is a good option. Pour your coffee into a heat proof container and then place in a pan filled with water. Again, make sure the coffee does not have milk or cream in it. Make sure the amount of water coincides with the amount of coffee. Heat on low until desired drinking temperature. Do not allow to boil!

One suggestion for using the stove reheat method is to get an aluminum or ceramic coffee pot. Both of types of pots will keep the coffee warm for a decent amount of time off of the stove. Please use caution when using the stove method as things can be warmer than you think.

Reheating coffee is a hotly debated topic in certain coffee drinking circles. Some people believe coffee should never be reheated by any method. They feel that reheating coffee changes the taste in the worst ways. They say it is best to pour the cold coffee down the drain and make a fresh pot/cup.

Other coffee lovers have no problem popping a mug of cold coffee into the microwave for a minute or so. Another acceptable method is reheating coffee on the stove. This is a gentler form of heat and will not change the taste of the coffee drastically.

There is one method that most coffee drinkers do not seem to favor, which is turning the heating plate on again, on an automatic coffee maker. This makes the coffee taste burnt, because it is! The heating plate continues to “cook” the coffee after the brewing process is complete.

In the end, to reheat or not is a personal choice. There are no right and wrong answers only good suggestions. After all, each person’s opinion and taste buds are different.