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Wake up and Smell the Tea

One of our seven senses we have is the sense of smell and often when we open a package of tea or even tea bags we often take a quick whiff of it before plopping it into a pot or even a cup of water. Nowadays most people have a tendency of then putting that cup of water with the tea bag into the microwave and calling it tea.

Well it is time to wake up and really smell the tea. There are so many teas in the world today that the options can often overwhelm one. There is herbal tea, caffeine free tea, tea with caffeine, tea made from flowers, teas that are touted to make you healthy, chemical free teas and the lists goes on and on.

Regardless of which tea you choose you should really know how to handle tea and that starts with smelling the un-brewed tea. Real tea aficionados will have probably tasted and tried as many teas as a wine aficionado will have done with wines using their same senses such as smell, taste and even sight to see the color. Many of these aficionados will use clear tea cups to really see the color.

There is not only a difference in the teas themselves; there is a difference in what you drink the tea from. Next time try drinking your favorite tea from a mug, a cup, a fine porcelain tea cup or even a clear glass and you will be able to perceive the differences.

There is a tremendous difference to tea making results and that often begins in what kind of water is used. If you live where your water comes from a city water supply plant there will certainly be chlorine in your water or if you have well water you will not have chlorine on it unless you have a chlorinator filter on your water delivery pipe. Filtered water, which is chlorine free, is the best for making any kind of tea.

How you heat up your water for brewing your tea is important also. Nuking your water in a cup is not really part of the art of brewing tea. Try starting with cold, fresh water and if you care not to heat the water on the stove then go ahead and put the water into your microwave and heat it hot. Heat up enough water for the amount of cups you want to serve plus enough to preheat your tea pot because an unheated tea pot will result in cooling the water which in turn results in a weak tea. Regardless of what kind of tea you are going to brew whether it is an herbal tea or tisane or a black tea, heat the water up to a rolling boil.

You will need 6 ounces of water for each cup of tea and you will need 1 level teaspoon of loose tea for each 6 ounces of water. Never add your tea to the water prior to boiling. Pour your water over the tea or herbal tea and steep for 4 minutes.

Like anything else in life discretion in how your brew your tea and preference of taste is an important part of waking up and smelling the tea.