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Vegetarian Restaurant Guide Vegan Restaurant Websites Raw Food Websites

I like to use several really great websites and also the trusty Google.com search engine, of course, to find the best vegan, raw organic food and vegetarian food on the road. Of course asking people is also a great way to find out as well. For some great websites try: http://www.happycow.net/ this one is probably the most complete and best and yes it does make for happy cows because they are spared! http://www.vegetarian-restaurants.net the name says it all, a great website with ALL the info you will ever need!

In each city or town there is always the tourist centers, or if you ask hotel concierges they usually know the best ones in town. But really the Internet and Web is truly the best place and resource; but if you are on the road you may not have access to a computer and it is a lot more fun and social to talk to locals or ask random people. Usually they will have the best advice and directions for you too! Heck, you may meet your new soul mate or make a new cool friend in the process. When I was in Sedona, Arizona I just walked around the airport and asked people; they were so friendly and nice. That is a good way to tell if you are traveling in a friendly nice city. Usually vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists are the most interesting, fun and nice people you will ever want to meet. Happily this is a growing trend so people are more than ready to help you find the best restaurant to fit your taste, hunger and budget if you just politely ask around.

Once when I was a airport shuttle bus going to my hotel, I just asked people and surprisingly I got new recipes, all the best vegan, raw food and vegetarian recommendations and made new friends in the process! You could also go to Borders Bookstore or Barnes and Noble as they have a wonderful selection of guide books for every city. It is fun to read books and see photos about famous vegetarian, raw food and vegan restaurants. In Santa Monica, Los Angeles there are a lot of Raw Food restaurants as well as in San Francisco and New York. This is an exciting trend as more cities and people are opening new ones each day!

Besides restaurants you can walk into Health Food Stores, find a local Farmer’s Market or find a farm, even! If you can’t find these then most likely there is a Whole Foods Market somewhere, they are everywhere and have a great selection. But every town and city has a great Co-op, health food store so try to find something local and colorful. Often times you will have the best memories of different places that you find while traveling.