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Using Flavored Vodka to Make some really Good Mixed Drinks

Flavored vodka has become very popular these days. While many may enjoy a chilled shot of their favorite flavor such as Whipped or Cherry, most people would like a mixed drink with their favorite flavored Vodka. Many brands now have a wide range of flavored vodkas, such as Three Olives, Pinnacle, UV, Grey Goose, and Van Gogh just to name a few.

Here are are few of the most popular mixed drinks using flavored Vodka.

Ice Bomb

2 oz blue raspberry vodka
2 oz orange vodka
2 oz vodka
1 – 2 oz Sprite® soda

Pour all liquors into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Fill with Sprite soda, and serve.

Milky Way Martini

2 oz vanilla vodka
2 oz chocolate liqueur
1 oz Irish cream

Combine all ingredients, mix, and serve in a cocktail glass without ice

Marshmallow Fondue

2 parts Pinnacle Marshmallow

1 part Chocolate Milk

Swirl martini glass with chocolate syrup.

Shake with ice and strain into prepared martini glass

Cake Float

1 part UV Cake
2 parts root beer

Serve over ice.

Cherry Bomb

1 part UV Cherry
3 parts cola*

Serve over ice in a highball glass.

Black Forest Cake Cocktail

2 oz Pinnacle Cake Vodka
1 oz Black Raspberry Liqueur
1 oz Chocolate Milk

Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.


1 part Three Olives Dude Vodka

1 pint English lager

Drop Three Olives Dude Vodka into pint of lager. Enjoy.

Coconut Cream Cake

2 oz Cake Vodka

2 oz Milk

Splash Coconut Rum

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with whipped cream

New England Patriots Frostbite Cake Kicker

1 oz. Three Olives Cake Vodka

1 oz. Hangar One Maine Wild Blueberry Vodka

1/2 oz. lemon juice

4 oz. Lemon Lime Soda

Add blueberries for garnish.

Hawaii Five-O

1 fluid ounce vanilla flavored vodka

1 fluid ounce brandy-based orange liqueur (such as Grand Marnier®)

4 fluid ounces pineapple juice

1 wedge lime

In a glass over ice, combine vodka and Grand Marnier. Fill glass with pineapple juice and squeeze lime wedge on the top.

Berry Bananza recipe

3 oz vodka
3 oz UV® cherry vodka
3 oz orange juice
3 oz cranberry juice

Combine ingredients in a collins glass. Stir, and serve.