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Uses for Leftover Coffee

Freshly brewed and even left over coffee have some great uses, and many of them might come to mind easily. Coffee is good when used as a flavoring agent for breads and pastries, and it is good in sauces such as barbecue sauce, marinades, and bastes. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out many more uses.

A problem can sometimes arise, though, because of quantity. There may be times when you have most of a pot of coffee left over, and if this happens a few times a week even when you adjust the amount that is made, the leftover coffee may be in such a volume that making desserts, breads, and sauces to use it all may be unpractical.

This is where another valuable use comes in.

Coffee, once made, is very high in nitrogen. This makes it a very good liquid fertilizer! Once you make sure that it is cool, simply dilute it with some water, and use the result to water your plants. The dilution is done so that you don’t overfeed or burn the plants. This works well with both house plants and outdoor plants. It is even good for most trees, and can be used in the middle of summer to give plants an extra boost. It can be put into larger containers to save it for watering days, and even if the coffee has been sweetened, the sugar will naturally compost in the soil.

Once brewed, the heating process removes much of the chemicals that have been added to water, such as chlorine, and even when diluting it, the result generally will have fewer of these chemicals and heavy metals, which makes it better for the plants than chemical fertilizers that leave residues in the soil. Further, this is a great way to save water, particularly in areas of the country that ration water or forbid the use of outdoor watering. In these areas, the leftover coffee can make the difference between having plants die of thirst, and having those that continue growing regardless of the dryness.

Don’t throw away that extra coffee, but if you run out of things to use it for, feed it to your plants. They’ll love the extra attention.