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Turkish Delight Chocolate Bar

To those who dont know who Fry’s chocolate company are, they started off business back in 1914 and now owned by the Cadbury’s Schweppes group. The actual product is manufactured in Birmingham England by Cadbury’s.

I first tried this bar when I was about 15 or 16, 15 years later the chocolate bar, still contains that same high quality authentic taste. The original bars however contained real pink jelly, and it had a distinctive fragrance when tasting it back then. These days it has no real jelly, it is more gooey and rather unflavoured overall.

The purpled metallic coloured wrapper on the outside with its silver foil on the inside is neatly presented, it looks visually pleasing for a chocolate lover to want to try this out.

My main problems with the bar having tried this many times over the years, is that the chocolate factor is relatively small as a whole. Within 2 or 3 bites the chocolate has been fully consumed. Inside the bar upon biting the main chocolate covers the outside and around the chocolate bar,

Also the size of the bar is very small. The bar does not contain break off chunks like most other chocolate products on the market. This is a small rectangular shaped bar. It weighs 51 grams which is quite high for a chocolate bar. To the person who has tried out Turkish delights from the middle east or some parts of Europe, will realise that there are many differences between these products.

The true Turkish delight products are almost completely sugar based exteriored cubes with jelly type substances and have a rosey taste and after flavour which is really sweet and luxurious in so far as, that it melts in the mouth quite well. By comparison the Cadbury’s Fry’s Turkish delight version not being as sweet judged by the lower sugar, its weakened taste and by having a chocolate coating does not provide such a authentic tasting sensation. It does however it does provide a filling chocolate and jelly effect experience. The bar has a relatively low level of chocolate around the bar which is another downfall in what is a promising product.

Another thing to bear in mind is that having one of these bars is a nice treat, if eating more then it does become a little sickly.

Price of this bar I tend to pay retail 50 pence, in USD terms that is possibly 90 cents, or 1 USD per bar. So relatively low price for a bar of chocolate and far from being expensive it makes this chocolate bar, considered as a nice treat and possible snack bar. It also contains a relatively low level of fat content per bar 3.6 grams which is also low compared to other chocolate bars on sale.

Ingredients of this bar as follows: Glucose Syrup, Milk Chocolate 24%, Sugar, Dried whey, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Dried whey, Vegetable fat, Emulsifiers E442, E476, Flavourings, Sugar Water, Modified Starch, Geiling Agent, Pectins, Colour E129, Flavouring, and may contains traces of Nuts, Egg and Soya.

The product is a nice treat though i feel there are better alternative chocolates available.