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Tropical Margarita Pear Margarita Mango Margarita Guave Margarita

This recipe, like so many, has a story behind it. I never knew much about mixed drinks and what goes into them, until I acquired a lovely and unique set of Margarita type glasses. I started searching online for Margarita recipes, but found that they usually use flavored syrups, triple sec, etc.

After a trip to the store and checking the list of ingredients of triple sec and margarita mixers and the like, I was not interested. Since I like tropical flavors, I experimented with a few combinations until I found out something I like and came up with what I call the “Phantom Margarita” so far I have made it in Mango, Guava, and Pear flavors:

1 part silver Tequila
3 parts tropical nectar
A spritz of limejuice

Pour over ice, shake up and strain into a Margarita glass. I use a removable blender attachment with a lid, but if you have a real cocktail shaker, so much the better.

The tropical nectars can be found in the Hispanic food section in just about any supermarket/grocery store. Not only do they contain less artificial ingredients, they are also generally priced very reasonable. It’s a drink perfect to be served for Cinquo de Mayo as well!