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Trolli Gummy Worms Compared to Walgreens Gummy Worms

Gummy worms have long been a favorite candy treat for kids and adults alike. The sour gummy worms usually appear in bright, neon colors coated in a fine sanding of sweet sugar to offset the sourness found in the heart of the gummy candy. Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company make the gummy candy, Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers. Today we pit the popular Trolli worms against Walgreen’s store brand neon sour gummy worms. It is the battle of the sour gummy worms!

* Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

Purchased at a Midwestern Walgreen’s for $1.29, this bag weighed in at 5-ounces (141g). Thirteen worms equal a serving, which is 110 calories. The bag states there are about 3.5 servings per bag.

Each bag has three colors and flavors of worms. Each worm is two colors and flavors. The color combinations in the Trolli bag are green/orange, yellow/red and blue/red. The green/orange Trolli sour worm seemed to be lime and orange flavored. The green lime portion had a subtle lime flavor but the orange was very strong and easily identified.

The yellow/red combination was a different story. It was very difficult to figure out the flavor of the yellow side. It may be lemon but it could also be pineapple. Unfortunately, Farley’s & Sathers do not list the worm’s flavors on their website. The red flavor was also indistinct, but I believe it is cherry.

The last color combination was just as difficult to identify in flavor. The blue seems to be a blue-raspberry flavor that dominated so much that I think the red on this worm may be red raspberry. This red was a shade lighter than the red on the yellow/red worm so it is possible it is meant to have a different flavor.

* Walgreen’s brand neon sour gummy worms

Purchased at a Midwestern Walgreen’s for .99, this bag weighed in at 4-ounces (113g). Ten pieces or worms equal a serving, which contains 110 calories. There are about three servings per bag.

The Walgreen’s gummy worms are the same colors as the Trolli but in different combinations. Each worm also has two colors and two flavors. The color combinations in this bag are yellow/green, red/orange/and blue/red. The yellow/green worm had the strongest flavors of all combinations. This gummy worm was a lemon and lime flavor and very citrusy.

The red/orange not as easy to identify the flavor until after the sweet coating melted away. The orange was then very strong but the red was a mild cherry or berry flavor. The blue/red combination worm was easier to identify than Trolli blue/red. The Walgreen’s version had a definite blue raspberry flavor and a subtler, sweeter berry flavor in the red.

* Comparing flavors

In comparison, the Trolli yellow loses out to the Walgreen’s yellow in flavor. The Walgreen’s yellow had a strong lemony flavor and was tart but fresh. Likewise, the Walgreen’s green lime worms have more flavor than the Trolli. Both brands make a tasty orange flavor, but in a worm-to-worm competition, the Walgreen’s worm narrowly wins taste test due to its more defined orange flavor. The red worms from both Trolli and Walgreen’s are very tasty; however, neither brand had an easily identifiable flavor. Not sure what it was supposed to taste like, but it didn’t matter. It simply tasted sour, sweet and good. Lastly, the Trolli loses out in taste to the Walgreen’s blue. Walgreen’s had more flavor while Trolli had the brighter blue color.

* Overall

The major factor in the sour gummy worm taste test had to be flavor. However, other factors like looks, texture and gumminess were considered. Both brands coat their worms with the perfect amount of sand-like sugar. Both brands lived up to their packaging and were brightly colored and satisfyingly sour. The gumminess and chewiness of each was good and exactly what one would expect from a gummy candy.

So which sour gummy worm brand has wiggled its way to a win? Because of its stronger and more easily identified flavors, the Walgreen’s neon sour gummy worms beat the Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers for the better gummy worm.

The next time you are shopping for gummy worms or other candy, pause for a moment and consider giving the store brand a fair chance. The name brands are good indeed, but sometimes the store brand may surprise you and when put head to head, may come out the winner in the final taste test.