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Top Beer Halls in Europe

Traveling through Europe will teach you many things about life, beauty, adventure and, most importantly, beer. To beer lovers everywhere, an absolute must adventure is to hoist a few steins in Germany and Austria.

After the museums and great restaurants, or, better yet, even before them, go to a beer hall. The awesome atmosphere and quality of beer in the beer halls of Germany and Austria allows for a special drinking experience, one that can’t be adequately duplicated anywhere else in the world.

Here are the top four beer halls in Europe:

1.Augustiner Bräu in Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria)

The Augustiner Bräu in Salzburg is by far the best place to drink beer in Europe. Augustinian Monks founded it in 1616. They only brew one type of beer all year long called the Märzen. It’s delicious and one of the smoothest beers you’ll ever taste.

This beer is dark, smooth, and flavorful but it feels like a light beer. The brewery was founded on religious principles. They brew only two other different beers, one during Lent, and the other during Christmas. As you walk through the halls of the Augustiner Bräu you instantly feel as if you’re in an old Austrian Monastery.

Everything about this place is amazing. The food is delightful and filling. You serve yourself from an array of choices including sausages, sauerkraut, pretzels, roasted chicken, pommes Frites (French fries), grilled fish, ham, and pastries for dessert. It is the experience that makes this place the best. The process of getting your beer is also self-serve. To get your beer, you approach a wooden shelf and grab a plain grey beer mug (1l or 5l). Once you have paid, there is a white marble holy baptismal fountain in which you wash you beer mug thoroughly. Then you approach a man with a wooden keg and give him your receipt – he then fills up your mug. Make sure you have a drink with the locals.

2.Augustiner Bräu München (Munich, Germany)

The Augustiner Bräu München has nothing to do with the Augustiner in Salzburg. They are two totally different entities. This is Munich’s best beer hall. It was founded in 1294. It has the best food and beer at the lowest prices. Make sure you order some of their delicious food. You should order their Helles beer because it is their specialty. The beer hall is located right next to the brewery so you are getting fresh beer. This place is filled with locals that know Augustiner Bräu is the pride of Munich.

3. Schneider Weisses Bräuhaus (Munich, Germany)

The Schneider Weisses Bräuhaus beer hall is small in comparison to the others but has all the qualities of a great beer hall. Georg I Schneider’s Original recipe has been the model for all wheat beers since the beginning. The Weisses Bräuhaus is a nice place to drink seven different taps of wheat beer. Come here to enjoy a Schneider Original with a pretzel and leave happy. Very happy.

4. Hofbräuhaus in München (Munich, Germany)

The Hofbräuhaus in München is, of course, the most popular beer hall in the world as well as the biggest. It was founded in 1589 and has been brewing some of the world’s best beer ever since. As you walk the streets of old Munich you will find this massive restaurant as you turn around the corner on to 9 Platzl. Once you walk through the doors you’re surrounded with beer history. The ladies are dressed in the classic Dirndl rushing around the hall serving large Liter beers. There is a chance you will see live entertainment from classic German style bands that try and spread that good feeling of Gemütlichkeit (German word for cheer and good feeling). This place has become a top tourist attraction in the last 15 years. Fortunately the beer is still delicious. What should you order? Try a few Hofbräu Dunkels or Hofbräu Originals.