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Tomatoes Health Goodness Nutrition of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a very nutritious source of carotene’s and potassium, and are a useful source of both Vitamin C and E. Tomatoes are also a good source of antioxidants. The ripe, red tomato may help prevent some forms of cancer by lessening the damaged caused by free radicals in the body.

Tomatoes are also a useful element in any weight- reducing diets, as they contain very few kilojoules. Though it is useful to be aware, that the yellow tomato varieties, do contain a slightly higher sugar content.

Occasionally tomatoes can trigger some common allergies, especially eczema, and, in green tomatoes, there is a substance that can trigger migraine in susceptible people.

The tomato, which botanically classified a fruit, not a vegetable, used to be called the love apple, which had nothing to do with its shape or colour.

In fact, it stems from Italy, where tomatoes were called apples of the moors. When said aloud, French people would interpret the sound as pom-me amour, which translated in English as the apple of love.

From salads to cooked dishes, the tomato is often used as base ingredient in many foods we eat today. Tomato varieties around the world vary, both in size and flavour.

The regular tomato purchased in supermarkets, green grocers or fruit shops, are a standard-fruit that produces a fleshy, juicy, and tasty fruit, It is a heavy producer, and is generally picked three months after planting.

Roma tomatoes, which are an acid free tomatoes, have two varieties, both the yellow and red pear shaped fruits. This type of tomato is often recognized as one of the varieties used as, tinned tomatoes, which are available in supermarkets today.

As tomatoes like a frost-free environment to thrive, countries with unsuitable climatic conditions for growing, can imported not only tinned, but also dried or semi-dried produce.

For those who do enjoy the homegrown tomato, an easy to grow tomato is the cherry and the grape varieties, as they are very disease and pest resistant.

The tiny bite size fruits of the cherry and grape tomatoes, are both very sweet, yet extremely versatile. They are easy to grow and an attractive addition to any salad or meal. Firm and tasty, they are often a favourite for children to snack on.

If you have an interest in growing your own tomatoes, your local plant nursery, can guide you with what is available in seedlings or seeds. It is best to check varieties suitable for your local climate, seasonal planting times, and which are the best fertilizers to use.

Liquid fertilizers, with high nitrogen content are generally recommended and both fish emulsion and seaweed extract are extremely good as a growth supplement.

Delicious, juicy, fresh tomatoes, they are a wonderful addition to the family diet. If you are not the home grower, next time you are in the supermarket, or greengrocer, just remember tomatoes are terrific fresh food, packed full of goodness.