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Toblerone Swiss Chocolate

The very best of Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat is a wonderful prize winning combination. How clever was Theodor Tobler back in 1908 when he produced this amazing bar in such a unique shape representing little Alps. Nearly 100 years on and Toblerone which incidentally, the name is a play on words from “Tobler” and “Torrone” which is the Italian word for honey-almond nougat, is still very popular and on sale in airports all over the world as well as in supermarkets and other shops.

The Ingredients
In biblical times the “Promised land” was a land flowing with and honey. Did God have Toblerone in mind back then? The milk mainly supplied from EW56Bhttp://travel.ciao.co.uk/Switzerland_5298218_3WH6PDis converted into EW56Bhttp://www.ciao.co.uk/sr/q-milk+powderWH6PDdifferent from your average EW56Bhttp://www.ciao.co.uk/sr/q-barWH6PDprism shaped box, mine is a creamy yellow colour as it is the milk chocolate EW56Bhttp://www.ciao.co.uk/sr/q-varietyWH6PDbox, and the name EW56Bhttp://www.ciao.co.uk/sr/q-kraft+foodsWH6PDpowering so. The pieces of EW56Bhttp://www.ciao.co.uk/sr/q-mixedWH6PDchocolate in other things. A semi-sweet chocolate version was made in 1969 and although I like this it isn’t my favourite, the only advantage is that I get to eat it all myself as the others don’t eat plain chocolate! A chocolate Toblerone was introduced in 1973, but not liking white chocolate in large quantities I find this too sickly. A filled version was made in 1996, but I haven’t tried this.

The Sad bit!
There are 530kcals per 100g of Toblerone, a massive 30g of fat and 5.3g of protein. I have got a large 400g bar of Toblerone which was bought at the airport, it has 15 sections or “Alps” and each one weighs about 26g, according to my calculator that is 141 kcals per piece! But you don’t want to know that! I especially don’t want to know that as I’m about to sample a piece or two to write this review, just in case I might miss a few factors in the tasting sections having forgotten just how delicious it is.

A bit of history
Jean Tobler opened his first store in Switzerland in 1867, by 1899 he and his 2 sons had their own factory as his products were in demand. By 1908 Toblerone was born, a unique chocolate special recipe in a triangular shape, which was wisely patented. In 1930 the Bear was added to the packaging as it was Bern’s heraldic animal instead of the eagle, but in 1930 this was removed as products were not allowed to display Swiss national symbols. Packaging has changed slightly over the years and the picture of the Matterhorn, previously shown on the ends, was put on the front and in case you haven’t already discovered what is hidden in the Matterhorn – then I’ll tell you there is the Bear back once again. The name Matterhorn is derived from the words for valley and peak, and you have to agree when you open a bar of Toblerone that is what you see valleys and peaks, each one delicious and waiting to be conquered!

I honestly can’t remember how much it would have cost or even which airport I bought it in! But usually they are on special offer. Tesco has Toblerone on sale at £1.50 for the 200g size, 98p for 100g and a multipack of 4 x 35g size for 98p.

A Wee Treat
I love puddings and have made chocolate Toblerone muffins, these are gorgeous with cream and some strawberries (note the healthy fruit!) or I sometimes use slices of the muffins instead of sponge fingers to make Tiramisu.
If you want to try the muffins here is the recipe. I use a measuring jug which has cup measures on it.

Mix together 1 cup of Plain flour, 2tsp. Baking Powder, ¼ cup of sugar.
Stir in 1 egg lightly whisked, 60g of vegetable oil or melted butter and cup of milk. Add 100g chopped Toblerone. Divide between 12 muffin cases in a bun tin and bake at 180C or Reg 4 for 15-18 minutes. Cool if you can before eating! They will freeze if you get the chance!

And so to sum up, this is Swiss chocolate with a difference, when I was young this was a special treat now it is available in most shops and affordable. I know people who say they don’t eat nuts but love this chocolate!
Climb every mountain and you will find your dream ………