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Tips on Storing Fruit

Storing fruit is a relatively easy process. It is much simpler than you think. There are also some steps that you can take to keep your fruit a bit longer than usual and some quick preservation tactics that don’t involve canning or dehydrating.

When should you throw out your fruit? Basically, you should use your senses. Throw out your fruit when it starts to look brown, smell rotten or feel soft. Putting your fruit in a warm place in a paper bag will speed up the ripening of the fruit. This is good if you have some unripened pears or bananas. Conversely, putting the fruit in a cool dry place will slow down its maturation. Fruits also ripen with direct sunlight. So, keeping them out of the sun is essential. Some fruits do tend to spoil easier than others. Strawberries and blackberries seem to be the most fragile fruits. They tend to only stay fresh for about three or four days. For best storage, keep them in a single layer in the refrigerator. Other quick ripening fruits include bananas and cherries.

Don’t wash strawberries, blackberries, grapes or cherries until you plan to use them.

peeling and slicing the fruit might help it stay fresh longer. This is especially likely,

if the fruit is mixed with more acidic fruits. A bit of lemon juice or a bit of fruit fresh sprinkled on the fruit will prolong its life. Ascorbic acid does the same thing. You can get Fruit Fresh from any local grocery store, however, Ascorbic acid is usually found in health stores. Sometimes gels and pie fillings can also act as a preserving agent. Remember to tightly cover the fruit after it has been peeled and sliced. If you are not planning to make fruit salad, then, don’t allow the fruits to touch each other. Bananas specifically tend to ripen other fruits.

If you think that you are not going to use the fruit right away, freeze it. You can put a preserving agent on the fruit and freeze it for pie fillings or later desserts. If you freeze your fruits in a single layer on a cookie sheet, before putting them in a freezer bag, you can use them as quick summer snacks. This will prevent your fruit from being a huge clump in your freezer bag.

Yes, you can dehydrate the fruit. After dehydration, you should also keep it stored in a cool dry place. even when dehydrating, it is a good idea to add some of the above preserving agents(with the exception of gels and pie fillings) to keep its color and some of the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit.

There are suppose to be some bags that are specifically made to preserve fresh produce. They are called “Evertfresh. I have not personally tried them. If you decide to try them, please leave a comment on my article letting me know what you preserved and how well they worked. The website is:


Lastly, it is advised to only buy fruit that you intend on eating in the next two to five days. Even the best preserved fruits rarely last longer than seven to nine days. You might have to make more trips to the grocery store, but it will cut down on your waste and you can still enjoy good fruit.