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Tips on Gas Grill Cleaning

Regardless if you’re cooking in your kitchen or using your gas grill there is one unavoidable chore and that is cleaning up. Although you may find cleaning your grill a little easier task than your kitchen there comes a time when even your gas grill should be dismantled as much as possible and given a good cleaning. There are a few ways of doing this and here are some gas grilling cleaning tips to help you through your summer and make your cleaning as easy as possible.

The first thing on your list of cleaning your gas grill is to be well informed on how your grill works. This means that you should read the Manuel that comes with your grill they have a list of dos and don’ts on their own. Once you are familiarized with this manual then you are ready to start the clean up.

Brush your grill after every use. The recommended time is to do this approximately 10 seconds after you remove your food from it. After you have done this turn off your grill and let it completely cool off. Once it is cool enough you can start by spraying a light coat of cooking oil over the grill this not only helps soften the residue that may be sitting there but also oils the equipment. There is an alternative solution to doing this, you can turn your gas grill on high for approximately ten minutes and this acts somewhat like a self cleaning oven.

Everyone wants their gas grill to work perfectly every time but this takes just a little effort on your part. You have to clean the burners occasionally to accomplish this. A great way of determining if your burners are dirty is by noticing the color of the flame. If the flame is red or orange then you need to give them some attention. This is not a difficult job all you have to do is poke a wire into each burner hole to clean away any debris that may be sitting there. If this is done after every use you shouldn’t have a problem with your gas grill. You can also use a spray with degreaser and let it soak for awhile if the debris is built up on your burner. This will help soften it and make it easier to remove.

Every grill has some form of heating equipment such as lava rock or ceramic tiles at the bottom. If your grill has lava rock and they have a build up of grease and debris it is best to just change then out completely but if your grill has ceramic then all you need is some warm sudsy water and a soft cloth to wipe them clean. Always keep a watchful eye on these as they will pick up any fats or debris that falls down during your cooking time.

On your gas grill you have venture tubes which should not have any obstruction and can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner. This is a good time to check your tubes for any leaks that may have developed. This can be done with spraying soapy water on the fixtures and if there is gas leaking you will see large bubbles forming. If you do have a leak you need to tend to the repair immediately.

Cleaning the inside of your gas grill is just as important and this can be done by scraping all the buildup of grease and debris from the inside with a metal scraper. This debris can be removed with a soft wire brush or some paper towel. To clean the outside of your gas grill and get a sparkling shine it is best that it is cleaned before the grill is completely cool. This can be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse with clean warm water and buff with some paper towel.

There are other options for cleaning your grill but it can be real messy if you have left your grill a long time between cleaning. This method involves removing the grill and scraping off the entire residue that’s attached. This should be done over a garbage can or in someone else’s backyard if possible, it is really messy and just another reason to clean after every use.

By regular cleaning and maintenance on your gas grill throughout the summer should prove to be easy cleanups. The few minutes it takes to do the cleaning after each use is well worth the effort, after all it will give you that much more time to relax and know your gas grill is ready to go for the next grilling. Cleaning and maintenance are the best tips for cleaning your gas grill.