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Tips Fpr Making Great Scrambled Eggs

Many seem to think scrambling an egg is as easy as falling off of a log, but there is certainly an art to creating a plate of fluffy scrambled eggs. There are numerous tips for making great scrambled eggs and some of them produce far better results than others. It is difficult to agree with those who feel that an egg is an egg, because the large free-range eggs are far superior to those laid by battery hens. If there are eggs in the larder then it is possible to rustle up a quick meal that is nutritious and tasty. A plateful of hot, soft scrambled egg makes a hearty and satisfying meal.

Allow two large fresh eggs per serving.

Crack two eggs into a medium sized bowl and whisk them using a fork or a small hand whisk. When the eggs are well beaten, add a drop of milk and whisk the egg and milk mixture until it looks frothy. Add a little seasoning and place the dish of beaten egg and milk to one side.

Take a heavy bottomed saucepan and warm it over medium heat. When the pan has warmed through, add a knob of fresh salted butter and melt it. As the butter heats, stir it so that it does not start to brown or stick to the bottom of the pan.

Good scrambled eggs need to be watched as they cook. If the egg mix is allowed to go runny, the texture is unappealing; should the eggs and milk cook for too long, they will become ‘rubbery’ and inedible. Stay and watch the eggs cook and gently stir them as they heat through and set.

When the fresh butter has melted, tip the beaten egg and milk mixture into the pan. As soon as the eggs start to cook on the bottom of the hot pan, begin to turn them over using a wooden spatula. The egg mixture needs to be turned frequently, so as soon as the bottom layer of egg and milk mixture starts to solidify, turn it. The eggs need to cook slowly or there is a chance that they will become runny; if the pan appears to be getting too hot, lower the heat.

As the egg mixture cooks it increases in volume and the pan soon starts to fill with delicious soft, fluffy scrambled egg. When all of the mixture has set, remove the pan from the heat and let the remaining soft egg cook through in its own heat. If the scrambled eggs are cooked to perfection, they should be as light and fluffy as a feather bed and not at all runny.

Lay the freshly scrambled egg on a large slice of buttered toast. Place a sprig of parsley on top and they are ready to serve.