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Tips for Urban Grilling

Ideally grilled meals are prepared in a wide backyard with plenty of space, but not all of us have that luxury. If you’re living in an urban area but find yourself craving the fresh flavors that only a grill can provide, you don’t have to go without. Follow these tips for urban grilling and you can be on your way to enjoying a savory grilled meal.

1. Safety First

The chief concern about urban grilling is safety. Since a large city is more crowded, there are more fire hazards that may pose a problem when attempting to grill. Ensure that the place you have chosen to grill allows your grill to stand levelly on the ground (so that the unit isn’t tilted). Try not to grill on a balcony, as there is always the unlikely but dangerous possibility of dropping hot coals on the street below if you were to accidentally bump your grill. Assess your grilling area for fire hazards and clear all of them to at least ten feet away from your grill. Don’t forget to look up as well to assess fire hazards.

2. Be Courteous

If you’re grilling below a place where someone has washing hanging out to dry on a line, they will not be too happy with you when they find their underwear smells like hamburgers. It may be difficult, but try to find a place that is secluded enough that it will not annoy your neighbors with smoke. One place that may work for some is the roof of their building, if the roof is flat and access is allowed. Just remember that if you grill on the roof, you should place the grill in the center of the roof to avoid the possibility of anything spilling over the edge.

3. Size Doesn’t Matter

If you find yourself without a good place to go, remember that you don’t need to use a full-size grill to get the flavors you crave. A tiny tail-gate grill will allow you to get those great grilled meals while opening up more places that you could potentially cook. If you are only cooking for yourself this option is especially viable.

There will always be in-home options meant to replace the traditional charcoal grill. These options can be ideal for urban-dwellers who don’t mind sacrificing some of that signature grill flavor. But these are not the only options – you can grill in the city, as long as you take care to be safe and respectful.