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Tips for Making Homemade Pizza Dough

Homemade pizza is great, after all you are in charge and you can create the topping of your choice. Not only can you load the pizza with all the toppings that you enjoy but you can decide whether you are going to have a thick, a thin crust or even a stuffed crust should the mood take you. The stores are awash with ready made pizza, it looks tantalisingly tempting and you can even add some extra toppings of your own but nothing beats the homemade version.

For starters the range of homemade pizza doughs that you can make is endless, if you want you can have a vegetarian dough, a sour dough, a wheat flour pizza dough or a wheat free pizza dough. Foccacia dough makes a good pizza base and for those of you who own a bread machine the whole process will be fairly straightforward, pop the dough ingredients into the bread machine and let it mix itself.

Homemade pizza dough demands that you start from scratch but the effort is worthwhile. If you find that your pizza making sessions are highly appreciated then you could always consider investing in a pizza maker, a simple way of cooking a homemade pizza to perfection. If you want to create an authentic Italian style pizza then you may even consider splashing out on a two piece pizza stone set that will cook your dough to perfection. Both of these pieces of equipment are a little expensive to buy but avid pizza fans will soon see a return on their investment.

Many of us steer clear of making our pizza dough because it can be a time consuming and messy process but don’t forget you can double or treble the amount of dough mixture, use what you want and then put the rest in the freezer until you are ready to use it again.

If time will not allow you to make your own pizza dough from scratch then you can make a very passable `homemade` dough base from a packet mix. The pre-packed pizza base mixes are widely available and very affordable. You only need to add water to the contents of the packet, knead it for a few minutes, roll it out to the desired size and leave it in a warm place for a further ten minutes so that the dough rises. Strictly speaking the dough is not homemade but never the less the end product will be very tasty once it has been topped and baked.