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Tips for Making Healthier Desserts

The unfortunate thing about the vast majority of desserts is that they are high in sugar, calories and saturated fats. In order to make them healthier, therefore, we have to first look at reducing the sugar content. So how else can we sweeten the desserts if we don’t use sugar? There are actually a number of ways.

Perhaps the most obvious way is to use a manufactured sugar substitute, commonly known as an artificial sweetener. These substances come in a variety of forms, from small capsules which are designed for adding to hot drinks such as coffee or tea, to granular forms which actually look a lot like sugar. The artificial sweeteners available to us vary hugely dependant upon our locale so the best way to find out which ones are available to you is to browse your local supermarket. Look next to where the sugar is found or ask at customer services. Read the labels on the packets and see which each is designed for before selecting the one most suited to your particular purpose at the time.

The next way in which we can reduce the sugar content of our desserts is by considering other natural sweeteners. There are a lot more to choose from than we may at first think. These items range from fresh fruits such as bananas and pineapple, to honey. Come up with a list of all such sweetening produce you can think of, keep it close at hand and the next time you are preparing a dessert, add the one you deem most appropriate instead of the sugar.

In order to reduce specifically the calorific and saturated fat content of desserts, we have to look at reducing our use of the likes of dairy produce. If a recipe calls for creme fraiche, for example, make sure you purchase the low fat variety. Try using margarine instead of butter in pastries. If an elaborate sauce is called for, try simplifying it by making a fresh fruit sauce rather than a thick chocolate or caramel one.

There will always be the desserts which we cannot tamper with to any great extent without altering or ruining them completely. If this be the case with any particular dessert you intend serving, simply serve the “unhealthy” part in smaller portions but accompany it with such as a fresh fruit salad. The added variety can, in many instances, improve the overall quality of the dish with the freshness of the fruit deliciously countering the sweet intensity of the main dessert.

A little investigation and a little thought can therefore hopefully be seen as the means by which we can improve the healthy qualities of our desserts. Which methods to you prefer, and which other ones can you now come up with?

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