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Tips for Making Dinnertime Easier

One of the most stressful times of the day for many families is dinner time. With the busy lives and activities it may be difficult to find time to cook at home. By taking some steps it can be easier to make meals.

Menu plan

Some people plan out menus for what they are planning on cooking for either a week or a month at a time. Make a list of meals you regularly make or meals to use up items you have on hand. Then plug these meals into your calendar. Another idea is to look at your grocery store sale circulars and base some of your meals on items that are currently on sale.

By having a plan and possibly having the meals partially completed, it may lessen the temptation of stopping for takeout or dining out.

Set it and forget it

If you are gone most of the day it is possible to have a home cooked meal when you get home by putting ingredients in a crockpot before you leave the house. There are many books and websites with recipes using your crockpot.

Have your kids help

There may be some easy tasks that you can have your kids do to help you get dinner on the table faster. Along with helping you, it also teaches them responsibility. It could be as simple as setting the table or helping with easy tasks in preparing the meal.

Prep it

Either when you get home from grocery shopping or some other chance that you have time, wash your produce and chop items you will need in the coming days. By chopping and cutting produce for several meals at one time you will save time and clean up time. Brown or roast meat for a number of meals at one time, divide into portions for each planned meal.

Use your freezer

Freezer cooking is also known as Once a Month cooking. The basis is to cook a number of meals in one day or smaller time periods when you have time. Store them in the freezer until the night before you plan on serving the meal. Again, this saves cooking time and clean up time at dinner time. When buying items in bulk, along with saving time you may also save money by purchasing meat and other items in larger quantities.

Taking some easy steps can make dinnertime easier.