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Tips for Cooking Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds make a healthy snack food to nibble in between meals. Many of us will buy our pumpkin seeds all ready prepared in bags from a health food store, a good way to buy them but if we intend buying a whole pumpkin to use the flesh for a pie then why scoop all of the seeds out of the middle of the pumpkin and just discard them. After all it is simple to roast your own pumpkin seeds. The small slim seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals, if you suffer from high cholesterol then there is a possibility that pumpkin seeds can be a beneficial part of your diet.

Once you have cut your pumpkin in half the inside will be filled with masses of seeds that need to be removed in readiness to roast. The seeds are covered in the soft inner core of the pumpkin so you will need to remove them from that soft flesh. One of the easiest ways to clean the pumpkin seeds so that they are ready to roast is to put them into a large sieve and then run the sieve under the cold water tap until the seeds are clean.Leave the clean seeds in the sieve and let the sieve sit on top of the kitchen counter so that the seeds dry out.

Pumpkin seeds are good eaten as they come or rolled in a sweet or savoury coating. If you love herbs then try seasoning the seeds with different types of herbs. Maybe you like the idea of spiced pumpkin seeds, if you do then there are a host of sweet spices that you might like to try. Plain salted pumpkin seeds are delicious and the hulls are a rich source of fibre too.

Preheat your oven to 350 F. and get a large roasting tin out ready to place your prepared pumpkin seeds into. Now you are going to need a small amount of oil poured onto a flat tray that has a lip around the edge. It is up to you to decide which oil to use but some favourites include Olive oil, Corn oil or plain old butter. If you are going to use butter then you will have to melt it before you add the seasoning. Place the oil into the flat tray and add your favoured seasoning. Blend your seasoning into the oil, take the dry pumpkin seeds and begin to roll them over in the seasoned oil. The seeds need to be in one flat layer, if they are piled on top of one another then the seeds that lay underneath will not cook through properly.

Place the roasting tin filled with seasoned seeds into the oven and let them roast for about three-quarters of an hour. As the pumpkin seeds begin to roast you will smell them, you need to roast the seeds until they look golden and crunchy. Once the seeds have finished roasting they are ready to enjoy, though you will need to let them cool down a little. Warm roast pumpkin seeds make a great nibble. If you have roasted far more than you are going to eat then put the remainder into an airtight tin and pop them into the refrigerator to enjoy another day.