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The use of Citrus

Citrus fruits have many uses, because they are great for cooking and as beauty products. If you want an astringent, don’t go to the drugstore and buy an expensive, name brand astringent. Instead, use a lemon. If you want to compliment your food’s natural flavors, you can accomplish this by using lemons or limes.

Culinary uses

In most applications in the kitchen, citrus fruits are used to enhance a salty or sometimes sweet and salty flavor. Citrus is used in place of vinegar in marinades and sometimes in brines. Because of the tangy flavor, citrus fruits naturally cut the greasy taste of fried foods. And, because of their relatively high vitamin C content, citrus fruits can be a healthy snack alternative for people who want to lose weight.

The grapefruit is perhaps one of the most underrated citrus fruits. Undoubtedly, it has a slightly bitter taste. However, this bitter taste is what actually makes the grapefruit healthier than its other citrus counterparts.

The orange, on the other hand, is the overrated citrus fruit. Many people claim that the orange has all the vitamin C that a person will need for the day, but this opinion is questionable when hot peppers are introduced into the debate. A hot pepper such as the jalapeno has almost 300% more vitamin C than a single orange.

Using citrus in food is easy. If you have fried foods, cut a lemon into wedges and place on the platter. If you want to grill meat or poultry or even seafood, marinating them in a lemon-infused marinade will make them more moist and will impart a slightly tangy flavor to the meat.

Beauty products

In some cultures, using lemon as a whitener is common. It is a cheap and easy alternative to expensive beauty products that may cost well over a hundred dollars. To use lemon as a whitener, cut a lemon in half and gently scrub on the area. The underarms and the face are common areas for the lemon whitening technique, but other body parts are great candidates, too.

Lemon juice can also be used on the hair, but only once a month. Overuse of lemon in the hair can result in very dry and brittle hair for some people.

As you can see, citrus fruits are versatile, not only making their mark in the kitchen but also in your bathroom. If you want an inexpensive way to brighten up your food or your face, using citrus fruits may be a solution.