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The truth about how fattening Starbucks is

Starbucks has changed the way that people seek out their coffee. In past times it would have been unheard of to pay four dollars for a cup of coffee. Today, people don’t even flinch at the cost. Instead, they hand over their credit card without hesitation.

The other reality of Starbucks is that it serves many products that are not particularly nutritious. At times, our society talks and acts like we are very concerned about our health and wellness. And in fact, some people do discipline themselves by exercising and eating right.

However, the United States is not a particularly healthy nation. The fact that thousands of Starbucks exist is testament to the fact that many people are comfortable with consuming things that are not good for us. Here are a few thoughts on things that are fattening at Starbucks.


Of course, Starbucks was founded in Seattle on the drinking of coffee. Granted, coffee by itself is not fattening. It may be loaded with lots of caffeine that is also not good for you, but it is not fattening. If people added a lot of cream and sugar the nutritional equation changes, but by itself coffee is almost “fat-free”.

The beverages that cause problems are the specialty drinks such as hot mochas and cold blended mochas. Oftentimes these beverages can include a generous amount of whipped cream and additional syrup drizzled on top. These types of drinks are what draw many people to Starbucks. People can get a cup of coffee at work, but it is hard to make a Vente (large) Caramel Mocha with whipped cream in the employee lounge.


Of course, Starbucks does not serve just drinks to it’s hungry customers. They also serve a variety of foods. Ranging from donuts and muffins, to sandwiches and salads, to cookies and bars. Again, a few of these food items can avoid fat, but they must be selected carefully.

People might be able to get a sandwich or a salad that has minimal fat, but rice crispy bars, donuts, and coffee cake might be a bit problematic. Even “low fat” muffins tend to have a fairly generous amount of fat in their nutritional makeup. Therefore, food does not exactly help the person who is trying to avoid fat at Starbucks.

Starbucks has tried to make some efforts in diversifying their menu. They have started to include more nutritional items in an attempt to remake their image. However, avoiding fat at Starbucks can still be a challenge. The truth is that the person who wants to avoid fat probably does not go to Starbucks at all.