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The Proper Wine Glass what a Dilemma

A huge market has been created depicting the need for a specific tool tailored for this simple task. They would have you believe that the vessel would somehow magically transform the chemical qualities of the liquid they hold, and that their shape will somehow magically trick your taste buds into experiencing something different purely by the shape of the delivery system.

The reality is that the glassware is primarily the aesthetic of the presentation, and whilst it may make the presentation of the wine prettier, it in reality has a very minimal impact on the actual flavor of the wine. Make no mistake, if you were to drink the wine from the bottle, all the flavor this wine has is already contained in the liquid. Once released from the container, the liquid begins to oxidize which for a short time may actually offer a beneficial aspect to the product, but once the air has started its interaction then this process continues regardless of the container provided that the surface is non reactionary and inert.

The feel of the glass in ones hand is a sensory and somewhat sensual experience, and if you ever hand a lady a champagne flute full of fine champagne, it is fascinating to watch the interplay between girl and glass. Then there is the visual aspect of wine in the glass. The sight of a rich garnet colored zinfandel being swirled in a large crystal bowl is a pretty sight. The glistening bubbles of a fine champagne rising through the golden substance of a fine champagne is at in nature.

However, when it comes to the actual consumption of the wine, one should not discount the sage advise of the great Elvis Presley. For all the prettiness of any glass, if you were to drink your wine (liquor) from an old fruit jar, provided that the container was thoroughly clean and free of contaminants, it will taste exactly the same as wine sipped from the thinnest Riedel crystal Burgundy stemware. The chemical composition will not change with the container, and once delivered to the mouth, it is up to the taster to discover all the flavors contained within.

So, choose your stemware in accordance with your objective. Make it glamorous, make it pretty, make it huge and impressive, or, make it simple, undamaged and leak free. Then unabashedly proceed with the enjoyment of the product, and relegate the containers to the rank of decor where it belongs.