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The History of Hersheys Chocolate

The Hershey Chocolate Company is an iconic American company that produces many products that have stolen the hearts and stomachs of the American culture. The company was founded by Milton Hershey after a fail attempt to create a successful candy store in New York. After this, Hershey started the Lancaster Caramel Company in Pennsylvania. This company was successful and he eventually sold this company in order to change his focus to the manufacturing of chocolate.

In the city that later came to be called Hershey he used the money from the caramel company to build a plant manufacturing chocolate which were popular. In order to streamline the process of making chocolate Hershey created a way of making chocolate which came to be called the Hershey Process. The Hershey’s Kiss was introduced to the American culture in 1907 and has continued to be one of the most successful chocolates that they Hershey company ever created. Even today there are almost eighty million of these little chocolates made every day. These are a wonderful confection that is well known around the country and around the world.

Harry Reese also go his start in the Hershey company where he realized how easily he could manufacture chocolate as well. He then created the peanut butter cup and the company was acquired by Hershey after Harry Reese’s death. Another competitor during the World War II era was M&Ms after it was purchased by the Mars candy company. During this time M&Ms had to be manufactured with Hershey chocolate because of the war rations and the limited supply of certain foods.

Currently the chocolate manufacturing plant in Hershey, Pennsylvania is the largest in the world. There is a theme park in this city themed with the different types of Hershey chocolates. Many Hershey companies have been opened in cities around the world. There are now many candies that Hershey Company makes from Cadbury crème eggs to Twizzlers and Kit Kat bars.

Hershey chocolate will probably always have a special place in the hearts of the American people. The iconic brand streamlined the way that chocolates and other food products are created. With all of the different brands of chocolates and other candies that are popular all over the world this company will never go away. The Hershey Company has a rich and interesting history that can be further explored in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the theme park and museums.