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The different Ways to Cook Liver

Today liver is rarely served as a main source of protein. Liver is rich in vitamins and iron yet high in cholesterol. Liver is an acquired taste and some find the texture unpalatable. Ox liver is a firm liver that has a strong flavour. Pigs liver is probably the most popular liver, pigs liver has a firm close texture but it has a milder taste. Lambs liver is different again, cooked lambs liver has an unusual `grainy` texture and a subtle flavour.

Liver can be braised, casseroled or pan fried. Pan fried liver is delicious. If you enjoy liver then you can produce an inexpensive and nutritious meal within a short period. Try to buy the liver from the local butcher. If the liver is going to be pan fried then it is good to have it sliced thinly. Slicing liver can be difficult and your butcher will have the right equipment for the task.

Use a thick bottomed frying pan. Take an onion and slice it thinly. Pour a drop of oil into the frying pan and heat it. Put the sliced onion into the pan and sprinkle a little sugar over the top of it. Take a dish and put a little plain flour into it, season the flour and then coat the slices of liver in the seasoned flour before they go into the frying pan with the frying onions.

Liver smell glorious when it is frying. Because the liver has been coated in seasoned flour it will form an outer crust. The crust turns golden as the liver pan frys. Liver does not take long to cook through. Using your fish slice keep on turning the frying liver and onions until the liver is cooked through and the onions are golden. If you have any doubts that the liver is cooked through then stick the tip of a knife into a slice. Uncooked liver will bleed.

When the liver and onions are cooked remove them from the frying pan and place them in a dish. Use the meat and onion juices to make a good hearty gravy. Add a couple of tablespoons of plain flour to the juices and mix it in. Crumble two stock cubes into a jug and add some boiling water. Pour the stock into the pan and stir the gravy until it thickens. Serve the pan fried liver and onions with creamed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.