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The Cheesecake Factory a Diners Decadent Delight

Say “Cheesecake Factory” and you’ll likely see heads turn, eyes pop, and mouths drop.

I had the savory pleasure of dropping by last Saturday evening, and the mere 20 minute wait was well worth what was to come next. After leaving a crinkled dollar bill with my shoffer.. aka the hotel cabbie, I proceeded inside to the vast view of pillars and eye catching deserts laid out like lobsters in a tank. Which one will I choose? “White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle”..or maybe “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie-Dough.” My taste buds bouncing and I haven’t even stepped in line to get my “table buzzer.” The pastry chefs hard at work garnishing plates with syrups and sprinkles for those who had already ordered their “just deserts.”.. my time was coming.. oh yes.

After pulling myself away from the confections galore, I stepped back in line where I was greeted by a cheesy cheesecake worker.. with a silly smile on her face she said.. How many in your party this evening sir? I was with my family that night.. Actually it was sort of a “Meet the Parents” situation, which turned out much better than the movie.

So back to the hostess, I quickly replied 8, she gave me the magical buzzer and I proceeded back to my desert window shopping until our name was called.

The seating was spectacular, the lights slightly dimmed, the room filled with the sounds of clinging silverware and constant chatter. We figured out our seating arrangments, one family on each end of the table. Our server arrived with – what else – a smile and a host of questions beginning with our drink order. I ordered water and an appetizer – and a plan to save room for desert. The cold uncooked spring rolls I ordered were interesting to say the least, but not my cup of tea. I couldn’t complain though, because cheesecake was next.

I narrowed down my cheesecake choices to two, out of what seemed like 200, they have so many of them on that menu.. or should I say book.
My confection conclusion: The “Snickers Bar Chunks & Cheesecake”.. The waiter brought out my long awaited desert and the moment was so sweet I could hardly contain myself. I dove in like I was on a mission and in minutes I had plowed through the center and sides. In the end only a dollop of whip cream was left alone, and I was a changed man, at least until my next trip to “cheesecake heaven.”