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The best Pies to Make for Thanksgiving

While there is clearly no definitive best pie to make for Thanksgiving, there are definitely some favorites and some that you make just for your own individual tastes. Below is a list of what most would agree are the best pies to make for Thanksgiving.

You sort of have to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving, don’t you? I mean, Thanksgiving is an American holiday after all, with all sorts of Americana attached to it and all kinds of nationalist feelings, so, yeah, you almost can’t really have a real Thanksgiving dinner if you’re not going to have at least one apple pie. But of course that isn’t the end of it, the next question is, what sort of apple pie? There’s the traditional simple, no-frills apple pie, that is so often served a la mode, and there’s the kind with the apple concoction inside mixed with some sort of cream, and then there’s the kind where cinnamon is applied either to the applied filling, the crust, or both. Whichever type you go with, it’s still going to be apple pie, and it’s still going to be at the top of the list.

After the apple pie, things start to get a little tricky, but you’d have to go with cherry pie next on the list, wouldn’t you? It’s really good after all, some might even say better than apple pie, though a little tangier. Plus, it too goes really well with a dollop of ice cream on top.

Next, you can’t forget about pecan pie, they sell it already made for you right there at the grocery store so it must be pretty popular, but seriously, who makes it from scratch?

After that, it has to be chocolate pie. The kind you make out of chocolate pudding, but not the instant kind. And it has to have whipped cream on it too. It might be that chocolate pie is actually the very best tasting pie you get on Thanksgiving, but we all know that taste isn’t necessarily the most important factor when choosing dishes.

There’s also mince-meat pie, which also seems to be a big seller at the grocery store, though it’s hard to know why since so few people seem to actually like eating it. Maybe it’s what fruit cake is to Christmas.

Also an awful lot of people seem to like lemon pie too, maybe more so if it’s Key Lime instead; either way, it’s sort of got to have that meringue stuff on top, and it’s probably got to make people pucker a bit too.

And that’s pretty much it, I think.