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The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper in Spicy Cooking

Today spicy foods are in the forefront of many different type of cuisines and with that being said, there are many choices out there. Depending on ones tolerance to spicy foods, there are many choices out there that can be beneficial. Spices have been used for thousands of years for all types of ailments and in some cases, to prevent infections. India holds claim to several spices that have been used for all types of health benefits. Cayenne is one of these spices that adds a lot of spicy flavor to a lot of Indian and Mexican cuisines. Cayenne has been used for thousands of years in ancient Egypt. It hold many types of healing properties and is used in many dishes all over the world. Cayenne is made from crushed red Chile Peppers often grown in Mexico. These red peppers are grown, dried and then crushed into flakes and powders. Powder form is often the best when cooking many dishes. Depending on your pallet and your tolerance to spicy foods, a little Cayenne goes along way. It is a very unique spice because it doesn’t have a over powering flavor and mixes well when cooking with it, without changing the flavor.

The health benefits have been studied for years in many laboratories and many of the results have come back very positive. Cayenne holds several health benefits, one being Vitamin A. Vitamin A has wonderful benefits for fighting off bacterial and viral infections. It can also help in fighting parasitic infections which are common in many countries. For thousand of years the ancient Egyptians used this as a tool for fighting many infections present in the times and today and it still widely used in the Middle East. Science has also found many other vitamins present in Cayenne such as Vitamin B-6, E and C, all of which can help, in preventing many types of ailments. The red color found in Cayenne and many other foods such as tomatoes and red bell peppers are rich in Riboflavin. Riboflavin helps our bodies with energy levels and our metabolism. Many scientist have found that it is a great tool to be used in many diets just for these reasons.

Cayenne as we know can be used in cooking many great dishes, but it can also be used in many teas for when we are sick with colds or for stomach ailments such as the stomach flu or food poisoning. Keeping some in the spice cabinet should be a must not only for adding wonderful spiciness to all sort of dishes, but also for a great home remedy.