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The Bacardi Mojito

The Bacardi Mojito is an increasingly popular drink around the world. As the name suggests it is one version of the classic Mojito, and is a cocktail that is popular in many bars and nightclubs as well as at home.

Bacardi is of course the name of drink’s company, a company long associated with Cuba and the original Mojito. Today the Bacardi drinks company manufacture a premixed bottled drink called the Bacardi Mojito, but it is a drink that can be easily made at home. Indeed it is a drink that often finds its way outside when the sun is beating down and the barbecue is on the go.

-Ingredients for a Bacardi Mojito (one serving)

½ fresh cut lime

2 tablespoons of caster sugar (superfine sugar)

10 fresh mint leaves

1 ½ fluid ounces of Bacardi Superior Rum

Soda water

Crushed ice

Sprig of fresh mint

Individual servings of the Bacardi Mojito are normally served in a highball glass. The creation of the cocktail starts by cutting the lime into wedges, and then adding them and the sugar into the glass. The limes are then muddled until the lime juice is extracted. The mint leaves are then added and the ingredients muddled again to release the flavour and smell of the mint.

The Bacardi Superior Rum is then added. Other rums can be used in a Mojito, but the presence of Bacardi is of course vital in a Bacardi Mojito. The drink is then stirred and the crushed ice and soda water added to taste before stirring again. The Bacardi Mojito is then served with straws and a sprig of fresh mint as garnish.

The recipe for the Bacardi Mojito can be scaled up, and indeed the cocktail is one which is often created by the pitcher, the recipe though may need to some adaptation to ensure consistency of flavour from single serving to multiple serving.

The mint, lime and Bacardi rum flavouring of the Bacardi Mojito all come together to create a refreshing cocktail that seems perfect for lazing around in the summer sun.