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Teavana silver yin zhen pearls white tea

Obviously the Teavana Silver Yin Zhen is a white tea. It is a somewhat rare form of tea and comes at a much higher cost than your average tea. It has a much higher antioxidant content and is assumed to help fight off certain types of cancer.

Since white teas are also well known to be helpful to the skin it can be excellent for someone that is concerned with the fine lines caused by old age and definitely leaves the skin feeling a bit more rejuvenated over time. If you drink white tea on a regular basis you can definitely notice a major difference in the overall appearance and health of your skin and body.

How we drink it

My fiancee and I both agree that this tea tastes the best when you add a little milk to it. We both prefer almond milk and use the vanilla flavored almond milk to give it a full rich flavor. By adding a little bit of raw sugar to it, the almond milk really comes out.

Honey is another option, but I personally don’t like it when it is mixed with the milk. If you drink the tea without the milk, then honey and raw sugar are both great options. Another possibility is to bypass the sugar and honey altogether and use a flavored creamer instead. This will give you the sweet flavor but is definitely easier than adding numerous other ingredients. While it isn’t quite as luxurious as the milk, it gives a similar flavor.


The tea itself has a relatively light smell to it. It definitely isn’t overpowering but you are going to know that it is there. It has more of a traditional tea smell to it where you smell the more natural vegetal qualities of it.


Again the flavor is somewhat mellow so we typically enhance the flavor by tripling the amount of tea that we use. This of course, should be tested first before going with the method that we use. We aren’t typical in our tea consumption.

The flavor itself is somewhat vegetal (plant like) as you would expect to find with a white tea. If you don’t like a more traditional tea, then this isn’t going to work for you. It is somewhat sweet but nothing overpowering.

Best consumed

This is a great anytime tea that is good for anyone that is health conscious. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone that is looking for a flavorful tea as it is going to be somewhat boring. This is best for someone that is drinking it mostly for the benefits.