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Teavana Queen of Babylon White Tea Drink Review

This is one of my fiancee’s favorite teas and definitely on the top of my list as well. The biggest issue that I have with this tea is that I can’t really tell what flavor is what. There are so many different unique flavors added into it that it sort of tastes like you are drinking fruity pebbles. It is delicious but something that you have to be ready for or it can be quite overpowering.

We haven’t really discovered the perfect method of drinking this tea quite yet, although we’ve been working on a few different ideas as of late. Both of us like it with honey and with sugar, but sugar seems to be the best. We use the raw sugar as opposed to regular sugar as we feel it is fuller in flavor.

I personally like adding almond milk to it. You can either use the original flavor or vanilla flavor and it gives it a richer taste than it would have on its own. My fiancée however prefers to go without any milk at all in it and just drinks it full strength.

This has a wonderful sweet smell to it. It doesn’t taste anything like the smell but it is like a bouquet of fruit. I can clearly pick out the pomegranate and cherries but that’s about it. These flavors however are difficult to distinguish in the actual tea when you consume it.

The best flavor comparison that I have for this tea is Fruity Pebbles cereal. It is such a crazy blend of flavors that you really can’t pick out any single flavor. They did a great job of mixing them together in a manner that makes it a medium flavor but smooth enough to drink anytime. I would recommend however that you be in the move for fruity because this tea is a smack in the face with flavor. It isn’t your typical white tea at all.

This tea could be consumed at any time because it is a white tea which are low in caffeine. Unfortunately because it is so fruity you are going to have a hard time sleeping with the face smacking you are going to get with the intense flavors that are thrown at you. Very good tea but definitely one that I would consider drinking in the morning or midday as a more natural caffeine free pickup.