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Teavana Emerald Bamboo Forest White Tea review

This is an interesting white tea. It is a white tea with bamboo that for some reason turns the ultimate product pink. I’m not certain what causes this. However, I was told that it was beets, while I was at the Teavana store. This sounds unusual to me, but there are other varieties that have popcorn in them, so I guess nothing is out of the question when it comes to Teavana.

It is an interesting tea that I more compare to a traditional white tea than anything else.

How we drink it

This really isn’t the tea to try on ice. I find it to be somewhat light on flavor when I drink it hot and to get enough tea to make it flavorful cold would require a pretty insane amount of the product and would make each cup pretty expensive.

If you are going to drink it you should probably consider just taking it hot. I personally would make it a little bit stronger but you know what you are used to for your own level of flavor that you are looking for.

This is a pretty good tea to use either sugar or honey. Both seem to do the trick extremely well. I personally use more sugar on this one than anything but my fiancee will only drink it with honey. I also mess around with creamer in it. I find that Italian Sweet Cream is a very good creamer to add to the tea and it doesn’t take away from the white tea flavoring.


The smell itself was a bit obnoxious to me. It smells like fruit and grass blended together. My fiance doesn’t really agree with this description as she thinks the smell is just unique and can be pleasant as long as she isn’t hungry. It has a fruity smell to it but mixed with the bamboo and white tea the smell just doesn’t work for me. It hurts my head a bit and I simply don’t make this tea because of the smell.


The tea itself has a decent flavor. While it is definitely somewhat plain, it is more of a traditional white tea with the bamboo flavoring. The bamboo gives it a very vegetal taste that I personally don’t find good or bad. It is more of a neutral flavor for me. There is a hint of fruitiness to the taste but it is more bitter than anything and sort of takes away from the aftertaste of the tea. I typically don’t notice the fruity flavor until after I stop drinking it.

Best consumed

This is a good tea for anytime consumption. It is a white tea so it is low in caffeine, but because it is more of a mild white tea flavor, you could really drink it at night as well if you want. I personally don’t like the smell so I can’t drink it anytime.