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Tasty Enhancements for Scrabled Eggs

A breakfast table staple for many people: the egg. Eggs are a wonderful food with many nutritional benefits and various ways of preparing them. Scrambling is a popular method for preparing eggs, but there doesn’t have to be anything mundane about it. With a few extra, simple ingredients this breakfast standard can be dressed up for any taste preference. Scrambled eggs are as easy as cracking eggs into a bowl and mixing them up with a fork. To add a little bit of volume to the eggs, include some milk or sour cream when mixing. This improves the end result with or without any of the following suggestions.

Scrambled eggs are great in breakfast burritos, or standalone, when mixing in salsa and shredded cheese with the eggs. Pick your favorite salsa brand and heat index and grab a tablespoon. One-half to one tablespoon of salsa for each egg used is a good start, but through trial and error you will find the ratio that works best for you. Likewise, you will find a good balance when adding cheese as well. Any flavor of cheese will work; try different flavors for even more variety. Simply mix a few pinches of the shredded cheese into the salsa and egg mixture. Fry the eggs as usual. The salsa will add extra moisture, but most of it cooks off.

For an off the shelf enhancement, pick up a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sweet Chili Sauce. This sauce is great for all kinds of food applications. Drop in a few teaspoons of sauce for each egg used and mix well. The sauce is more sweet than spicy, and incorporates a powerful bell pepper flavor. Add some diced red or green bell pepper for an even greater taste sensation.

Scrambled eggs are kind of like potato chips in the way they can be enhanced by so many different flavors. In fact, you can use potato chip flavors as inspiration for dressing up your scrambled eggs. Sour cream and onion is easily achieved by mixing in sour cream and diced onion. Brown the onion in the frying pan with a little oil or butter (depending on your health and taste preferences) before adding it to the egg mixture. Shake in some chives from the spice rack if you have any. Barbecue flavored eggs are even easier; just add a few shakes from a bottle of pre-mixed BBQ seasoning. Mix in some left over pork or chicken from last night’s cook-out for a more filling breakfast option.

It isn’t only what you put into the scrambled eggs that can improve the dish, but also what you put around it. Egg sandwiches can be made with any of the following: bacon, ham, sausage, cheese, muffins, bagels, toast, and biscuits. The sandwich route is great, but somewhat ordinary. For the ultimate scrambled egg dish, try the following. In a large frying pan fry some bacon. Once the bacon is cooked, add the scrambled eggs and cook them in the bacon grease (this is not for the healthy). Following the cooking of the eggs, fry up a few Johnny-cakes, also known as corn pancakes. Jiffy brand corn muffin mix has a recipe on the side of the box. Once the pancakes are finished, spread some butter on them and pile on the scrambled eggs and bacon, followed by a slice of American cheese. This dish may make your arteries cry, but your taste buds will be shouting for joy.

Scrambled eggs are incredibly easy to make and well-suited for enhancements. Whether adding ingredients in or topping off the eggs after they are cooked, the only limitations are your imagination and taste preferences.