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Easy Fried Chicken

Hi I’m Chen Hou. I am a university student staying away from home with some u-mates. I’m very much interested in cooking and cook regularly for myself and my friends. As there is no fried chicken recipe, I am sharing one that I prepare very often as my friends and …

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Braised Pork with Bean Curd Sticks

Contributed by Amy Chen. The term “braise” in Western/English context usually refers to cooking with small amount of water. For this dish, the amount of water is more than what we would normally term as “braise”. However, I find that “braise” is the closest term for it. Anyway, whatever term …

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Red-cooked Pork

Food Culture The red cooked pork is one of the most common Chinese home cooking dishes. There are many flavors all over China, but among them Shanghai local flavor is the most famous one. Its thick red oil sauce makes it very popular.   Material 300 grams of Pork belly …

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Kung Pao Chicken

Food Culture Kung pao chicken is one of the most famous and delicious Chinese dishes, which comes from Sichuan cuisine of Qing dynasty. However it has many kinds of methods to cook, and has been popular all over the world now.   Material 250 grams of Fresh grade breast …

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